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14th November 2006, 07:14 PM
So, I need to get a new phone and I can't wait for the iPhone (rumour has it that it won't release down under straight away anyway). So, what makes/models sync best with Apple? I really like the Nokia N80 but I don't want to commit to anything that's gonna be a bugger to sync. I use entourage for email, iPhoto, iTunes and the rest.

Let me know your thoughts...

14th November 2006, 07:42 PM
I use SE phone - turn on bluetooth, iSync away - address book, calendar. Bluetooth file exchange for getting things on & off the phone.

It just works, baby. Plus I like SE's UI

The Fluffy Duck
14th November 2006, 07:46 PM
my old k700i worked with every feature on osx. but its a dated phone now :(

14th November 2006, 08:13 PM