View Full Version : iTunes Radio stream + Smart Playlists?

11th October 2006, 10:47 AM
OK. So we've seen how many people are using radio streams in iTunes.

For those that are, we are all familiar with the dicking around thats required to bend iTunes to your will when you want to add a stream of your own choosing. I myself have 9 of my own streams which for some stupid reason Apple don't want to allow to be included under the 'Radio' heading - so I've made a playlist of my own titled ((( Radio ))). I used the '(((' to bump it to the top of the alphabetical playlist order.

All good so far.

Well... No actually i'm annoyed that my most frequently used playlist is relegated down so low that i almost need to scroll to see it when the window is small, All of the Smart Playlists are also still above it. This only adds to my petty annnoyance.

I'd at least like to be able to make a smart playlist titled 'Radio' that would show above my regular radio playlist, but when I go to make one, it seems there is not one combination of rules that will allow an actual mp3 stream to show. ?! Imported .mov's are fine - but not a stream (as identified in the 'size' field).

Anyone else face this and maybe by chance found a workaround or a better way of handling streams in itunes?