View Full Version : Help - Audio drop-outs on new MacBook

4th October 2006, 07:48 PM
Hi all,

wondering if anyone can give me some help here. I've just bought a brand new white 2gz MacBook, 1gb RAM, 80 gb hdd, and it runs really well except for the fact that I am gettng audio drop outs using my DJ/radio automation package Megaseg. Now - before you ask - MegaSeg is not a universal app BUT it a) worked fine on my PB and runs pretty good on my intel iMac. I REALLY need to get this sorted out because I want to use this machine on air for my weekly radio gig and for my DJ business. Can anyone offer any help/suggestions?

MegaSeg is a good solid DJ app and runs quite well, and really suits the radio thing as well because of the way it allows you to devise playlists, insert breaks/pauses etc and it has integration with iTunes including the ability to play iTMS purchased music which I really like. So I am keen to get it working properly.

Thanks for any help.


5th October 2006, 09:41 PM
Hi everyone
Well i solved the above mentioned issue about audio drop-outs - just in case anyone's interested.

I went through a whole lot of possible causes and it turned out (after running Disk Utility) that there was a disk error on my Macintosh HD. I guess you don't think to check for these things on a brand new MacBook, but anyway, I booted the mac from the startup DVD, ran Disk Utility, clicked on Verify Disk, it said that there was an error and so then clicked on Repair Disk and it fixed the problem and all seems to be well in the land of smooth no-drop outs audio. Hopefully this information may come in useful to someone down the track...