View Full Version : Coverart and Coverflow. Strange problem in iTunes 7

21st September 2006, 06:38 PM
Up until iTunes 7, I downloaded cover art from various web sites, selected all tracks in the album, hit command-I and dragged the artwork into the artwork box. iTunes then updated and presumably embedded the art into each track. I use libra to manage multiple libraries and you'd always see the cover art.

Now for the strange part. With iTunes 7 and enabled the option to automatically download missing artwork, and it seems to only do this when you access and album where it is missing. I moved a few albums with the newly accquired art to another library and to my surprise, NO ARTWORK. WTF.

iTunes 7 seems to be downloading and caching the art solely for the coverflow feature and not embedding into the tracks. I tried with a different album then copied the artwork to the desktop and did it the old fashioned way, which works. While no a issue for everyone, those using a library manage should be aware of it. Maybe its only a Libra thing however it doesn't seem to be. iTunes 7 with coverflow is subtley different to how we've done it up until now.

Maybe someone with multiple libraries would like to try and replicate the problem.