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20th September 2006, 09:51 PM

My friend has a macbook that i might be buying and i wasn't sure what i should upgrade the RAM to??

He has 1.25gb or RAM but i wasn't sure to go with the same amount or go for the big 2GB.



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20th September 2006, 10:19 PM
Simple: The most you can afford.

The more RAM the happier, and laster longing your computer will be.

20th September 2006, 11:51 PM
If it has 1.25 GB it means there are unmatched modules (1x1GB + 1x256MB) installed. The macbook runs best with RAM modules of equal size - it improves graphic performance because the onboard graphics accelerator depends on RAM throughput.

I would advise that you replace the 256MB with a 1GB chip. A good quality 1GB SO-DIMM can be had for under $140 if you look around. Don't mess around - this machine is already half-way there.

21st September 2006, 08:40 AM
Another consideration is that Rosetta - and Vista - love RAM, so 2GB would be the minimum I'd consider.


21st September 2006, 08:45 AM
I have put 2GB into mine.

21st September 2006, 09:50 AM
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Byrd &#064; Sep 21 2006, 08&#58;10 AM) 216413</div>

Another consideration is that Rosetta - and Vista - love RAM, so 2GB would be the minimum I&#39;d consider.


Good point&#39;s Byrd. I also think Leopard will be ram hungry too ;)

If you can afford 2GB, get 2GB... matched ram is better in these computers, plus you can probably get some &#036;&#036;&#036; back for your 256 stick (although don&#39;t count on it being a lot)&#33;

21st September 2006, 09:57 AM
iv had trouble selling my 256 chips for &#036;20 each :( they are worthless

But i would go 2GB or 1GB so you have matched pairs

21st September 2006, 10:03 AM

thats what my friend had to do and i think he just gave it to the apple store in the end.

I have decided to go with 2x 1GB RAM.

Thanks for the Advice

21st September 2006, 10:15 AM
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(mac_man_luke &#064; Sep 21 2006, 09&#58;57 AM) 216442</div>

iv had trouble selling my 256 chips for &#036;20 each [/b]

Spare RAM is never worthless. One day when you need to check if some of your RAM is faulty, those 256MB will come in handy as a diagnostic tool.

21st September 2006, 11:21 AM
Wouldn&#39;t 1gb and a 256mb be better then just a 1gb??

21st September 2006, 11:22 AM
go as max as possible&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

21st September 2006, 11:28 AM