View Full Version : How Can I Use the Same File Type with Two Completely Different Applications?

20th August 2006, 07:24 PM
I have an Atari 8-bit computer emulator installed on my Powermac G4 (running 10.3.9). Now I also want to use an Apple IIGS emulator. The problem is both emulators use the .ROM file format and this is causing a conflict with my IIGS emulator.

Following are the e-mails sent to the developer of 'Sweet 16', the IIGS emulator I have installed. I have also included his reply. I hope someone here can offer a solution.

Subject: Apple IIGS ROM File Icon keeps changing to an Atari 8-Bit Computer Emulator File Icon

I am experiencing a problem with Sweet 16. The IIGS ROM image file icon keeps changing to that of my Atari800MacX (Atari 8-bit computer) emulator, even though the file name still says 'APPLE2GS.ROM'. As a result Sweet 16 will not load because it no longer recognises the IIGS ROM image file.

This is the reply:

Sweet 16 doesn't care what the icon is. It looks for the file you select specifically. If Sweet 16 isn't recognising the file, it's probably because the Atari emulator is damaging the file.

However you can use any name you want to for the Apple IIGS ROM file, and it doesn't need any specific extension. Try re-naming the Apple IIGS ROM file and see if that resolves the conflict with your Atari emulator.

This is my reply:

Thanks. I did as you suggested, but unfortunately re-naming the file makes no difference!

I did a search on the net for the .ROM file extension. It is used for cartridge image files for Atari 8-bit computer/console emulators. Therefore whenever OS X sees a .ROM file it interprets it as a cartridge image file for use in an Atari 8-bit emulator, which makes sense.

Yes you can use any name you want for the IIGS ROM file, and yes you don't need the file name extension as these are optional in OS X. However internally the file will still be flaged as a .ROM file and therefore OS X will continue to treat it as being a file for an Atari 8-bit emulator.

There is an option in OS X to tell it what applications you would like it to launch when you open certain file types, but unfortunately this isn't a solution to my problem as .ROM files are, by default, designated for use with Atari emulators. So, for example, if I had more than one Atari emulator installed and I decided that I want my Atari emulator 'B' to open all my .ROM files instead of my Atari emulator 'A' then this is what this option would be used for.

The only thing I can think of is to change the way OS X associates certain file types with certain applications (how do I do this?). For example, suppose you need all your .mp3 files (normally designated as audio files) to now be recognised as image files by OS X because a quirky image editor you have will only read files designated (flaged) as .mp3

In my case I would need to somehow tell OS X that from now on all .ROM files are flaged for use with Apple emulators, but this of course will mess up any Atari emulator .ROM files I have!

Do you know of any practical workaround for this?