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19th August 2006, 12:15 PM
Recently, I moved from ISDN to Broadband. BigPond... not by choice, as I had no choice, in my neck of the woods.
When the tech came he hooked up my machine to an ethernet modem (SpeedStream) and simply opened Firefox and typed in the bigpond URL ( and after a moment or two, entered my username and password, which were accepted and I am connected.
Never thought any more about it and am still marvelling that I can just open any application and be connected with the web.
The other day, I thought I would take a look into my Network setting and was confronted by the old ISDN configuration (not active) so took a look into the menus and see Location: Automatic, Show: Built-in Ethernet, > Ethernet> 00:30:65:b4:cb:f2. I assume that is the Ethernet address of my machine.
Ok. So here is the question...
when I install OSX Tiger from my retail install disk, it will ask me to configure my Internet. What the are steps I should follow, or will it automatically configure itself from my 10.3.9 system?
Also, can I safely install Tiger on my 2nd hdd and import my info, when necessary without trashing 10.3.9 on the first drive?
This may seem very basic to you guys, but remember I am old and slow witted. New technology tends to scare me and after hearing about RFID tagging yesterday, I am glad I won't be alive for more than another two decades. First they tagged cattle, next..... everything.

The Architect.mac
19th August 2006, 12:20 PM
you are using automatic settings so any upgrade or even clean install will work fine.

In your case the internet is set on the modem and flowing off of the network cable if you can picture that. All you have to do is stick a computer on the end that is set to automatic which is default, you should have no problems.

i beleive you can do your Tiger install on a 2nd HD as well and as i said the internet in your case is all automatic from the computers end...

19th August 2006, 01:14 PM
Thanks Architect.mac
I am now at ease.