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5th August 2006, 03:13 PM

If I want to do any editing of pics beyond iPhoto's basic abilities, I use ArcSoft's PhotoStudio, which came with my Canon scanner.

Thing is, that program is OS9, and so I'm wondering what else is out there (not OS9, and not Intel), that is free/shareware.... no $$$$ for Adobe products.

What do you use?



5th August 2006, 03:33 PM
The GIMP in a nice, easy to use Mac OS X bundle (http://gimp-app.sf.net).

5th August 2006, 04:42 PM
Bit difficult to answer the question if you don't add in the full name of your Canon scanner.

VueScan (http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/drivers/vuescan.html) does a good job connecting the old to the new but it comes @ a price. Click here (http://www.hamrick.com/vuescan/vuescan.htm#canon) to view compatibility list for Canon.



eg: I am using an Epson Perfection 4990 Photo scanner connected to a G4 QuickSilver running Tiger.

5th August 2006, 05:12 PM
I use photoshop elements. It's still very powerful, but only about $150.

5th August 2006, 09:49 PM
delete all that

Misread question. iLife 06' has more functions @ $119 for a single user, and Adobe Photoshop Elemets is a truly good toned down version of Photoshop that really does focus in mainly images, as Joz commented.

$150 for Adobe Photo Shop Elements beats $1,200 on Adobe CS or $500 on the educational edition.

(Thought Cosmic was referring to Scanner compatibility!)



5th August 2006, 10:53 PM
There is an OSX version of PhotoStudio. Quite good it is too! Have you tried going to the ArcSoft site and seeing if you can download or upgrade to the OSX version for free? Worth a try.


Edit: Actually, are you certain the version that you have isn't OSX already? I've got an idea that Photostudio for Mac works natively in both OS9 and OSX.

6th August 2006, 01:21 AM
GraphicConverter came bundled on my PBG4. I don't know how to use half of its functions, but it seems to have most of what people would require.

The free and tiny ImageWell is pretty nifty too, just for drawing labels on pics etc.

6th August 2006, 08:43 AM
Yep GraphicConverter for me. Been using it for years and it has to be one of the great pieces of mac software. If you really want to use it to capacity then read the manual which you can download. My partner is a recent convert to macs and does a fair bit of minor graphic stuff and is blown away by this software. :)

6th August 2006, 10:41 AM
Hey Cosmichobo!

I second the GIMP recommendation. I downloaded and installed it a couple of weeks ago. I haven't done much with it yet but so far, what I have seen, I have liked.

Cheers, Bandersnatch

3rd February 2009, 08:09 PM
sorry to bring up the old thread, but do you have stairs in your house?

P.S I prefer pixelmator

3rd February 2009, 08:14 PM
sorry to bring up the old thread, but do you have stairs in your house?

P.S I prefer pixelmator

What colour is the sky in your world?

3rd February 2009, 08:41 PM
WTF was that about?

3rd February 2009, 08:45 PM
sorry to bring up the old thread, but do you have stairs in your house?

Do you want my sofa (http://forums.mactalk.com.au/27/66380-free-old-sofa-suite-air-walker-treadmill-woodridge-qld.html?highlight=sofa)? There are only a few stairs to negotiate. :)