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18th July 2006, 09:26 PM
Hi i recently installed ms office 2004 along with it came msn messenger. This Messenger was an older version. It requested that i download a newer version of msn, in order to use it. I downloaded the newer version. However, It didn't update it! Athough it placed a document on the desktop that i am unable to open??? I now have two copies on my computer. Does anyone know what is with this??

I am new to apple computers. I think macs are good the only thing that is now starting to drive me insane is trying to fiqure out how to uninstall software and trying to understand the way it installs the software!! unbeleivable!!!

18th July 2006, 09:36 PM
hi joshbyte

for most apps, installing = dragging and dropping the application.
When you download apps from the internet, they usually come as a .dmg file. Double click the .dmg and it will then 'unpack' itself and a folder will pop open.
Inside that folder you will usually see something along the lines of "drag this icon to your Applications folder", or at the very least there should be a readme file with installation instructions.
Some apps come with installers which you simply double click to run, and then it's as simple as following the instructions the installer gives you.

here's a thread on how to uninstall:

18th July 2006, 09:59 PM
lesson 1 for new mac comers, DONT USE MSN FOR MAC! its the worst program available ... EVER.

use Adium. its much more nicer and hugely customizable.. http://adiumx.com/

there are currently two mac msn clients that support web cam , but both are unforunatly very slow and buggy.

you can have a look at them if you like there called AMsn, and Mercury Messenger.

both can be downloaded at http://www.macupdate.com

18th July 2006, 10:48 PM
On the issue of removing Mac programs, you should check out this brilliant little app:

Appzapper (http://appzapper.com/)

I just picked it up with 4 other apps from Maczot for $5US! Sweet!