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6th July 2006, 02:10 AM
I recently purchased my brand new 15" macbook pro (1 week ago to be exact) from an apple reseller. When I first opened it I did the whole close inspection of the machine and I was struck by the sight of something that lookes like a scratch or paint peeling from the shift key (left side).

Anyway, I tried to ignore it, thinking that it would get less visable as the days go on, although it has actually become so annoying that im sliding my finger over it to check it its a scrach or just something that has somehow been applied to the key when it was drying or something (I really don't know how this happened). So two days ago, I had another good upclose look of the MBP, and i noticed that the F11, F12 and Eject keys dont sit flush compared to the rest of the F key. And tonight, I found that the tab key when pushed down with a small amount of presure on the bottom right side, will actually stay in that position until i click the top right hand side of the tab key down.

So I know that apple don't replace any cosmetic issues, although the MBP had the shift 'scratch' or whatever when i opened it out of the box. I could learn to live with it, but I have spend a heck of a lot of money to buy this machine and I don't think i'm asking for too much if I want every key on the keyboard to be flush and not make rough clicking noises when being pushed down to one side!

So any advice on this issue would be appreciated, should I take it back to the reseller and get them to send it off to apple or what do you guys recommend?

shift key:


6th July 2006, 08:54 AM
Personally I think your are being a bit pedantic.. but in saying that it is not my machine and I haven't actually seen the machine you have. So I don't know if the problems you raised are exaggerated in your mind or very real. However I believe it is in the perception of the user. If you are unhappy then take it back, take it back NOW!!
And explain in clear rational thought why you are unhappy.
If indeed it has not met reasonable Q&A then you have every right to take it back and get Apple to fix it. If however it is merely a minor cosmetic thing that your imagination has played up on then I don't think you will get a happy response.

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6th July 2006, 08:59 AM
If the tab key "sticks", I think that is definitely a good reason to take it back.

6th July 2006, 09:02 AM
Take it back to your Apple reseller and hopefully you'll find someone that cares enough to replace your MPB's keyboard.

Good luck,


6th July 2006, 09:06 AM
I e-chatted once with a designer of the Twentieth Anniversary Mac, and he couldn't believe how many of us owners were so pedantic about the rear cover and CD door's slight unevenness - yep, I wasn't the first to complain to him about it.

So, I can see where you're coming from, hally.

6th July 2006, 10:13 AM
I'd be a bit worried if I purchased a Mac "new" from a reseller, opened it up and found that it looked as if it had been used.

One reseller, whom I shall not name, had a reputation for attempting to sell ex-demo and other machines at full price as "brand new", so though I don't want to add any paranoia to your thoughts, I can't help thinking of it.

6th July 2006, 10:25 AM
And today's secret word is...

<div align="center">Pedantic</span></div>

again... that&#39;s: <div align="center"><span style="color:#999999">Pedantic</div>

Take it back to the place you purchased it. Be very friendly and someone will help you, as it is definitely "hard ware" if the key is depressed and won&#39;t bounce back into place. (Be very jolly and friendly). It goes miles.



Currawong - how would you prove it? Data Rescue? Nods... I&#39;ve seen it too. Data Rescue revealed the truth. They had to take it back.

6th July 2006, 10:32 AM
Then if they don&#39;t fix it change your attitude and threaten them with legal action
naaaa I&#39;m only joking.

Seriously if i were you i would take it back right away even if it&#39;s something small you paid a large amount of money for it you should expect to at least look new.

6th July 2006, 10:34 AM
The shift key I wouldn&#39;t even worry about. However if you&#39;re having trouble with other keys sticking then you may want to advise the reseller and see what they can do.


6th July 2006, 10:45 AM
If you buy something BRAND NEW, it shouldn&#39;t me scratched or marked.
That&#39;s not pedantry, that&#39;s a reasonable expectation. You don&#39;t pay &#036;3gorillas for a marked surface.

6th July 2006, 04:02 PM
Clockwork: in one case, an iBook had obvious scratches on the bottom side.

7th July 2006, 12:15 AM
Thanks everyone&#33;
Well i took it back to the shop today, and the rep came out and i told him the case, he gave me a suss look and went out back to talk to a tech. Anyway the tech came out and he was &#39;nutural&#39; about the keys and well he replaced the shift key with no problems, and he poped out the tab key and then put it back in, which resolved the problem. Alslo he poped out the F11,F12 and eject keys and tried to make them straight, unfortunately that trick didnt work as well and they are still raised in all weird angles :(

Anyway, i got to talking with the technician about the logic boards and all that, and i asked him to have a listen to my MBP whine. He first said he didnt hear anything, then i told him to put his ear to near the screen, and he said that there was a noise coming from the machine for sure, i asked about how to get the logic board replaced, and he was happy to tell me all the required steps, but he noted that it would be a good option to come back and talk to the manager about reporting it as DOA and getting a brand new machine.

Anyway, once he told me that, i was a little dumfounded that he would say give the advice of doing the old DOA and getting a brand spanka&#33; So i went to uni, and i had a think about what i should do, and after uni i went to another apple store, and i asked them about the logic board replacement and the whine, in which the manager told me that its a bit of a tricky situation because they dont really know what to do with it. Anyway i told him that the left fan hasnt turned off since the very first day of the machine and i asked if that was normal, and then i said about the really loud and annoying noise coming from the screen, and he pretty much said straight away to the apple rep "book it in" then he asked if i brought it from that store, which my reply was "no&#33;", so he said take it back and since its under a week old, dont stuff around with apple replacing parts and all that, just get a new one&#33;.

So yeah i went back to where i purchased it from, spoke to the manager and all that, he took it out back to give it a listen, and he said that there was a noise for sure, but his main concern was that even if i get a new one it might not fix the problem, although he was happy enough to organise a swap for me which i was thrilledd about. He also noted that when the new machine arives (he didnt have any in stock, he had to order one) that we will sit down with both machines and make sure that the new machine is quieter&#33;

All in all, im really happy with the customer service from both apple stores, and in particular the store where i purchased the machine, the manager was very sympathetic to my causes, and i didnt have to winge about the machine either, he knew that there was an annoying whine, and he thought it was a big enough of an issue to warrant a replacement&#33;

So after reading a few comments here and there about apple stores having bad customer service and whatnot, i was a bit scared, however from my experience i must say that it was really 9/10 service for me&#33;

I&#39;ll keep you guys posted about the new machine and hopefully it wont whine&#33; I&#39;m aslo going to make sure i do a dead pixel check when im at the store this time, i didnt when i first brought this machine, but i was petrified that it was going to show up with some when i ran the test&#33; but its dead pixel free&#33;.

7th July 2006, 12:12 PM
thats great&#33;&#33; happy for you&#33;&#33;
the worst thing is waiting for a new machine

7th July 2006, 12:17 PM
Same thing happened to me with the powermac G5 quad. Died after two weeks, I got sick of waiting for parts, especially since it was a new machine, and parts were rare, especially after

1) Logic Board was replaced - same problem
2) waiting for two replacement CPU&#39;s - 2 weeks till no sign of it.

rang apple they said yeah, we&#39;ll send out a new machine.

the irony - the day the new machine arrived, the replacement CPU&#39;s arrived as well... oh well, new machine, works perfectly :)

If you have problems in the first few weeks, go for a new machine, because I think its a sign of &#39;ghosts&#39; in the system&#33;

8th July 2006, 03:32 PM
Wow... I have to say that if I was the owner of the store, I would&#39;ve told you to bugger off and not bother me with your custom ever again.

There is picky and then there&#39;s just downright ludicrous.

9th July 2006, 12:23 PM
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(akaddk &#064; Jul 8 2006, 03&#58;32 PM) 192992</div>

Wow... I have to say that if I was the owner of the store, I would&#39;ve told you to bugger off and not bother me with your custom ever again.

There is picky and then there&#39;s just downright ludicrous.

Excuse me? "There is picky and then there&#39;s just downright ludicrous." I don&#39;t believe my case is ludicrous at all. The fact that there was a chip on the shift key is enough to ask for the shift key to be replaced at the very least. Also, considering that the fan has never turned off since the day I brought it, the LCD screen has a buzzing noise which the manager told me was out of the ordinary, I donít believe this is a ludicrous case.

When I have spent so much money on a laptop, whether it is an apple laptop, a sony vaio, or anything else, I expect to be satiated. How about reading the whole post and understand what went with my case, then you might understand.

9th July 2006, 01:17 PM
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(hally &#064; Jul 9 2006, 11&#58;53 AM) 193207</div>

Excuse me? "There is picky and then there&#39;s just downright ludicrous."

I think he was a bit harsh towards you. It&#39;s like buying a &#39;brand new&#39; car and discovering it&#39;s got 1000K&#39;s on the clock.