View Full Version : New MacBook teething problems

4th July 2006, 08:52 AM
Well I can hardly complain about a company that gets my online order Sunday night and has the laptop delivered to a rural northern Victorian town by Wednesday! Great service.
I just noticed a couple of little things when opening and looking at every piece of software that it brought over from my G3 iBook (faithful little servant that it was).
G-force will not show up in my iTunes despite making sure it is located in the iTunes plugins where it should be. Azureus won't fire up at all which mystifies me.
I love the screen and have many happy hours exploring in front of me yet.
Pat ;)

4th July 2006, 08:56 AM
g-force isnt a universal binary.
try running iTunes under rosetta as it might work then but performance wont be as good as it would be natively

same case more or less for Azureus.
you can get a universal version though -> http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Intel_Macs

4th July 2006, 11:27 AM
Many thanks iSlayer! I can live without g-force rather than sacrifice the speed of iTunes (will look at things like iGoom etc).
I just downloaded the universal of Azureus and cant wait to get a chance to fire that up. Thanks again: I really love the help and advice you get here!
Pat :)