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5th June 2006, 12:29 PM
Our 1.0GHz 12" PowerBook's hard drive has failed so we need to get a new one. Before i go out and buy it I just wanted to ask some advice. i know we've got some Mac repairs experts here, so what brand(s) do you recommend? What should i steer clear of?

60 or 80Gb

Much appreciated

5th June 2006, 01:10 PM
I've never had any problem with Fujitsu or Seagate 5400RPM drives, which are very quiet and run warm, but not excessively so. Hitachi/IBM I've much less confidence in.

If you can go for 7200RPM, you'll get a slightly shorter battery life, but the drives are do not run hotter, contrary to popular belief :)


5th June 2006, 01:37 PM
I just bought and had a new HD for my 12" PB from MacMate (http://forums.appletalk.com.au/index.php?showuser=980). He did a great job and was much cheaper than the couple of Mac stores I called.

Are you going to install it yourself? I'm usually pretty good with that kind of thing, but passed it on for the 12" PB. After seeing how much effort was involved in pulling it apart (I watched him as he did it!), I'm glad I didn't attempt it myself.

5th June 2006, 01:38 PM
Thanks Byrd. I don't really think we need 7200RPM since it will mainly be used for word processing and surfing.

5th June 2006, 01:42 PM
I've seen many bad reports of western digital drives.

Another good vote though for fujitsu, seagate, and i havent had a problem with a hitachi yet either.

5400 80/100gb is the go. As soon as you get the extra capacity it gets used. trust me. especially if you do any graphics etc..

5th June 2006, 01:46 PM
I got a 120GB 5,400RPM Samsung and had it fitted by macmate as well.

I have to say its nice to have this much space on my powerbook.

5th June 2006, 03:19 PM
Thanks. we probably don't need more than 80Gb but it depends what my dad wants i guess.
btw should we get a tech to fit it, or is it ok if we follow the ifixit.com guide?

5th June 2006, 03:45 PM
Fujitsu drives are evil!!! (I worked for fujitsu for 5 years) Mostly of my time was onsite services swapping out dead fujitsu drives for seagate and maxtors lol.

5th June 2006, 05:27 PM
A friend of mine just had a new hard drive put in his 15" rev C (??1.5 Ghz) PB and they did a pretty good job of stuffing up the case above the Cd slot. Evidently this is common when prying open Power Books?? Some Mac centres ask you to sign a liability waiver in case this happens??

The moral is, go with a recommended repairer and avoid the gorillas!

5th June 2006, 09:03 PM
pity macmate is in Melbourne. Anyone recommend a good repairer in Sydney? About what cost should i expect?
My dad says he asked an applecentre (nextbyte i think) and they said $1000 for hardware problems!

6th June 2006, 09:22 AM
Rip Off! Installing the HD in a Powerbook isn't hard or nor should it foul up your casing. PBfixit has some very easy to follow guides on how to do this.

Doing so will save you $100 :)


7th June 2006, 09:17 PM
does the hard drive need to be SATA or PATA or either one?

7th June 2006, 10:20 PM
PATA for the PPC laptops, I believe the Macbook/Pro are SATA now.

8th June 2006, 09:33 PM
Thanks birdbrain.

30th June 2006, 11:10 AM
Well yesterday i finally bought a new HDD and installed it in my PB. I followed the guide on pbfixit.com - was scary but easier than i thought it would be. everything seems to be working fine atm (knock on wood).

30th June 2006, 11:39 AM
I'll be doing this to my PB tonight/this weekend. The guides on pbfixit don't look that bad...

30th June 2006, 12:23 PM
the guide is very good markh. but i still spent the whole time scared i was going to break something

30th June 2006, 12:41 PM
Yeah.. I know what you mean. The 80Gb that came in my 12" PB is starting to "whirr" veru badly.. So ordered a 120Gb samsung to replace it. Will do the job until get a new laptop ;-)

30th June 2006, 01:19 PM
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(p53 &#064; Jun 30 2006, 11&#58;10 AM) 190214</div>

Well yesterday i finally bought a new HDD and installed it in my PB. I followed the guide on pbfixit.com - was scary but easier than i thought it would be. everything seems to be working fine atm (knock on wood).
How many screws did you have left over?
I had one, and I think I remember where it goes :ph34r:


30th June 2006, 09:49 PM
My dad had already lost a screw from the memory cover board thing a while ago so i was very careful not to lose any screws. i got out 6 containers to keep my screws organised. i didn&#39;t lose any&#33; although i did almost completely strip one. it was on so damn tight, luckily it was one of the ones that attached the HDD to the hard drive bracket so i could take it off with a spanner.

30th June 2006, 10:00 PM
Well, wasn&#39;t as bad as I though doing.. Took around 30mins.. Bit hard in some areas removing the top cover of the PB, but otherwise, easy. Back to a nice quiet laptop now.. with an extra 40GB to play with :-)

30th June 2006, 10:08 PM
container with sections to hold the screws for each section is how you get taught on Apple certification... and its a good idea too (Since we all know these machines have so many bloody screws)

30th June 2006, 10:30 PM
Well done p53, and noted, Purana. I&#39;m pulling down a G3 iBook soon, so I&#39;ll make sure all the ice-cube trays are empty.
So markh, do you reckon you passed your Apple certification ;) ?


30th June 2006, 10:58 PM
powerbook easy to strip. but do take time, seperate/store screws seperately. ibook G3(Mutters), not so easy. those can only be opened by prying open. Apple sold service providers plastic tools for this, ... but very difficult to do without some damge to seams of laptop.

edit: oh, forgot one thing. and don&#39;t ever use the wrong tools or wrong sizes. i&#39;ve always been able to pick up if a laptop had been worked on before by the telltale marks, stripped screws etc...

30th June 2006, 11:12 PM
Yeah, Mctastic, I&#39;m aware of the Ibook difficulty. I &#39;ve previously pulled me G4 iBook apart to replace the hard drive. The thing I was referring too was making sure you keep the screws organised - which I didn&#39;t do so well with the G4 - witness an extra screw over when job completed. Now, if you pulled that apart, you&#39;d surely notice.


5th September 2006, 08:25 PM
guys would you believe that less than 3 months later the new hard drive has failed (i think). far out i&#39;m pissed off.
PB tries to start up - i hear the chime and the disk spinning, but it kernel panics within 10 seconds of pressing the power button. i&#39;ve tried resetting nvram and pram to no avail. i repaired disk using the start up disc (wasn&#39;t able to repair permissions because Disk Utility lost its connection with the Disk Management tool or something). Apple Hardware Test returns no faults.
Before I try a reinstall has anyone got any suggestions?

5th September 2006, 09:02 PM
in the disk utility, if you select the drive you are repairing, ... do you see the status indicator? if there is a drive fault, it will normally have something written next to it. "Status: failing<span style="color:#000000">"(in the case of there been a problem with the drive controller/volume).</span> if not, then it may be a problem with data corruption. have u started holding down &#39;apple+s&#39;? this should boot the mac up in single user mode. from here, u may type &#39;fsck -f&#39; to check & repair the drive partition. u will normally see a report after this a) if no problems were found&#39;, B) problems were found & repaired, c) problems found but could not be repaired. if a repair is done, then u may type &#39;reboot&#39; to start up normally. this should be positive. if it couldn&#39;t be repaired, then i suggest a backup and format. if no problems were found, but u still experience a kernel panic, then a normal archive install should fix it

6th September 2006, 01:20 AM
I put a 7200 seagate in my powerbook about a month back.

What I did was take a piece or A4 paper and draw the position of the screw holes then place the screws on the paper, sounds a little lame but they are all different lengths and it worked for me not having to remember where everything went :)

You really need to make sure you have the correct size screw drivers also... dont attempt if you dont have a decent selection of quality screwdrivers.

(I realise this is not inline with the last couple of posts, It came to mind while reading the first page.)

6th September 2006, 05:45 PM
thanks mctastic. I did what you suggested, no problems found. still getting a kernel panic upon starting up. looks like an archive and install is in order.

update: just finished reinstalling. has started up successfully. fingers crossed it stays that way.

6th September 2006, 07:17 PM
good&#33; u may find the odd app that needs a re-install as well. hopefully not. also patch your system back up to 10.4.7 etc. good luck&#33;

6th September 2006, 07:33 PM
Fantastic thread. i&#39;ve been umming and arrrghing over taking my powerbook into apple and getting the hdd replaced, since any sort of action seems to lock it up, and i&#39;ve heard that replacing the hdds in my model are a pain. That guide looks reasonably easy to follow

6th September 2006, 07:40 PM
If I get some time in the next week after I finish up work here, I might post a thread with some questions and links about &#39;Pimping my PPC Notebook&#39; - seeming its becoming the thing to do for those of us who aren&#39;t desperate to upgrade to the Intel-inside MacBook lines.

I am keen to put a 160Gb hdd in mine, and i&#39;m sure there are others who want to do drive upgrades etc to keep their old PPC beasts running.

I think it&#39;s worthy of a pinned discussion, and I&#39;m sure techies like ric (macmate) and others have plenty of advice on what they&#39;d recommend users do.

I&#39;ll be back.