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31st October 2004, 07:12 PM
ey people

you know when you first get your mac, and you're installing everything.. and that cool music comes on?! anyone know wat song, or who the artist is?

31st October 2004, 08:02 PM
no, and no. I have NFI what you are talking about. sorry! :D

31st October 2004, 08:03 PM
Originally posted by Ozi@Oct 31 2004, 08:02 PM
no, and no. I have NFI what you are talking about. sorry! :D
I'm with you Ozi, WTF?

31st October 2004, 08:06 PM
It's the little video you get when you install Panther for the first time.
I'm not sure what song it it, but I'm pretty sure someone here will know.

31st October 2004, 08:25 PM
One of my fav electronic groups :D


The song is "Eple"

Couldn't find on the iTunes store, but here's the link to Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00006JKKK/qid=1099218258/sr=8-1/ref=sr_8_1/102-3337204-0952139?v=glance&s=music&n=507846) ;)

31st October 2004, 08:34 PM
Congrats thomas.. beat me to it.

the fact that this was the first impressive thing my PB did when I took it out of the box and pressed that on/off button, was a sign of amazing things to come - a great song! you will never see a Windows install doing this -

a good version is available on the Australian release of- Ministry of Sound, Chillout Sessions 4 - track 6 (Disc 1)..

it's a Fatboy Slim remix, which I think is the same version played on the install..


31st October 2004, 08:39 PM
It must be a popular little track as it is also on the Tiger install discs i've got...

31st October 2004, 10:23 PM
ok firstly yes in panther install it eple by royksopp, but jaguar is different, i do know the song and artist and i have the track somewhere but its name has sliped my mind...

but in summing up panther and jaguar are different

actaully i think its either the new economy by Enrico Riva, or "Ay Ay Ay" by Dzihan and Kamien

cool now we've got it sorted.

Ps anyone seen sopp live?

31st October 2004, 10:26 PM
The song is in the video under System/Library/Core Services/Setup assistant if you want to listen to it again or rip it off the movie ;)

31st October 2004, 10:42 PM
i dont have a "core services" folder anywhere... help?

31st October 2004, 11:21 PM
well i know what mine is (panther) its eple, but i need someone to song me the jaguar one, so's i can tell you

31st October 2004, 11:31 PM
The jaguar one is a remix of Sofa Rockers by Sofa Surfers - I think it's a Kruder/Dorfmeister mix.

You can search for that on iTMS too, it's on a compilation album of some kind.


31st October 2004, 11:52 PM
Actually the WinXP installer had a pretty rockin' song for its "Out of Box Experience". Very progressive, I liked it. Anybody who has one around, X:\Windows\System32\Oobe\Welcome.wma I believe. Might be title.wma though.

1st November 2004, 12:23 AM
good on you dana, i was sure it was on my lounge CD and there it is, sofa rockers (kruder and Dorfmeister mix) Yay, you rock.

the Cd is lounge for your loung, volume I

Volume two is also availible but it don't think its good. Vol I has a realy good St germain track called deep in it, my fave song, beutiful rhodes piano in it.

29th November 2005, 06:54 PM
Does anyone know what the song is that plays in the background of the OS X setup after you first install it?

I thought it was something that Apple just made up, but the people who live above us were playing some funky/techo/lounge type CD really loud and after a few songs I started hearing the OS X theme song, only a long version of it&#33; Unfortunately it belonged to a guy who was visiting them and he took it with him when he left <_<


29th November 2005, 07:05 PM
Does &#39;take of your clothes and come on in&#39; ring a bell?

I recall the song they ran when you installed Panther - there&#39;s a previous link about it here (http://forums.appletalk.com.au/index.php?showtopic=2106&hl=), or in short, the track is called &#39;Eple&#39; by Royksopp..

As that thread states there is also a great Fatboy Slim remix (http://forums.appletalk.com.au/index.php?showtopic=2106&view=findpost&p=16400) of it.

30th November 2005, 07:55 AM
it&#39;s one of the ministry of sound chillout sessions cd&#39;s. Some guy at work was playing the other day and I was like "woah, that&#39;s the os x welcome song".

30th November 2005, 08:52 AM
Where is the song located in tiger?

30th November 2005, 09:41 AM
Its alright, I gots it. It&#39;s located in the following folder in Tiger:

Macintosh HD> System> Library> Core Services> Setup Assistant {show package contents}> Contents> Recources> TransitionSection.bundle {show package contents}> Contents> Recources

and there you have the audio file "intro-sound.mp3" and the video file "intro.mov"

have fun...

30th November 2005, 09:52 AM
Yep, Eple by Norweigan Electronic Band Royksopp, it&#39;s about 3 years old and one of many awesome tracks on Melody AM (http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=53133997&s=143460)

30th November 2005, 10:05 AM
Pre-10.3: "Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix)" by Kruder & Dorfmeister.

Panther: "Eple" by Röyksopp.

Tiger: Bytecry, by Weevil

Panther: /System/Library/CoreServices/Setup&#092; Assistant.app/Contents/Resources/
Tiger: open /System/Library/CoreServices/Setup&#092; Assistant.app/Contents/Resources/TransitionSection.bundle/Contents/Resources/