View Full Version : Apple Remote Desktop 2 Client Install

10th April 2006, 11:19 PM
Hi all,

I have just acquired Apple Remote Desktop 2 and have installed it on my PowerBook running OS X 10.4.5 and that all went well.

For the client side though, I wish to control another Mac (an iMac) running OS X 10.3 and I was wanting to know if I have to install any software on this computer? Is it just the simple case of going into the Sys Prefs then sharing, and then just switching it on under the services tab?

I wasn't sure because I know that 10.3 doesn't come with the built in VNC server.

Thanks all :)

Edit - I discovered that once you set the prefs in sharing, you can add it under the admin version. Once you have done this, control click the computer in the admin list and go to update client software. Will update it so it has the latest version.