View Full Version : Final Cut Pro - new Intel PM G5 issues?

4th April 2006, 11:54 AM
Hi everyone

I have a contact who is a doco film maker and uses Final Cut Pro to cut and edit all her movies. As this is not my area of expertise am posting here to grab some advice for her if poss.

She currently has a Powermac G4 677mhz with 768mb RAM and is running FCP 3.0. She is about to upgrade to the new intel PM G5 when it is released and is concerned that all the movies she has cut on her current system will not be compatible with the new version of FCP/Intel G5 she will shortly be buying.

She is expecting to have to do some re-digitising work but is there anything she should be aware of in terms of Rosetta, universal FCP etc?? Obviously, she wont know herself on the new G5 considering what she is currently using (!) but is there anything she should be aware of prior to the switch?

Any help would be much appreciated.