View Full Version : (PSD's)Archos Gmini 400 Or AV420 + Macs - work ok?

7th October 2004, 04:08 PM
Firstly i would like to know if anyone here has aquired either the Archos Gmini 400 or AV420?

I wanted to know how it worked on a MAC, with certain types of file formats etc.

Let me know if u have one and i will ask some more questions! I know what i can read on the website but i would prefer a real life experience user.


I wanted to grab one of these as a portable storage + mp3 device for travelling to replace the ipod + slow media reader.....

Anyone have any other similar devices that i might want to look at?

PS: incase people dont know what they are.. Gmini is like an ipod sized 20gb gadget with colour screen,video and photo playback, games, voice recording, mp3 playback with a 2" colour screen.

AV420 - 20gb, 3.5" screen, can record tv, voice, music line in, video mp3 and photo playback etc.

They both also have a CF input slot