View Full Version : Intergrating Paypal Into Websites? + Breadcrumbs

25th March 2006, 10:18 PM
Is there a way i can have paypal load up within my website instead of a new window. Paypal can open in the current window but then all my site menus and every goes.

So is there a way i can put paypal into my content area of my site without the use of frames? the php include script wont work (paypal security), when i do use frames it will not auto adjust to the size of the paypal page so when i put in fixed values for the width and height sometimes its too big or too small.

any solutions?

Also, i have a site where its made up of two frames (menu and content). How do you add a breadcrumb in the menu page which changes as the content frame changes?
here is an exmaple: