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4th October 2004, 05:56 AM
12" G4 iBook
768Mb RAM (base+512)
~17Gb free space on HDD

I've been experiencing occasional periods of VERY slow responsiveness (in particular) in Camino, particularly after a LONG or very active browsing session. It appears to have hung but eventually catches up with mouse clicks. The first sign of it is the highlight that follows the mouse as it passes over the tabs slows or lags behind for up to 5seconds. Then, shortly after, changing tabs can take up to 10seconds to respond.

In my frustration I haven't brought up Activity Monitor before restarting Camino or rebooting my iBook, so I'm not sure if it's a memory leak in Camino or if it's thrashing the CPU because of bad Java/Flash/video on a page or something similar. Perhaps it's an underlying system task that's thrashing the CPU (not that I've check CPU utilisation either, just thinking out loud here).

At all times I have running:
Camino(web), MSN Messenger(IM), Thunderbird(email), iCal(duh!), PulpFiction(rss), Colloquy(IRC), Personal Web Sharing and the Firewall. Connectivity is by cat5 or wifi.
Unfortunately I'm unable to reproduce the problem on demand so it's more a wait and see exercise until its next occurence.
Also, 20(or more) browser tabs is a regular figure in a good surfing session for me.

I have contemplated changing browsers or going to a nightly build, but the infrequency and un-known trigger would leave me without knowing if the underlying problem remains, or if it even is the browser.

To identify the problem:
* What should I be looking for in Activity Monitor the next time this happens?
* What other apps or Terminal commands could help in tracking down the cause of the sluggishness?
* Are there any apps or metrics I should be running in preparation for the next time this happens?

All suggestions or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.

4th October 2004, 07:22 AM
Try opening a web page with heavy Java (not just javascript) use. I'm suspecting that's causing my machine to do the same. I had trouble with Azureus, a java application, hanging the whole machine this way too.

The reason it can hang the machine is that java is a core component of the system.

5th October 2004, 12:25 AM
Currawong: got any suggestions for a Java intensive page?

Anybody else make any suggestions about apps and metrics to check?