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19th September 2004, 08:57 PM
For those who knows about MUWireless, I am wondering how to set up MUWireless proxy.

I am using osx and firefox pr1.0

From the muwireless page, it says that automatic proxy configuration is set via OSX network settings. But when every i try to open a www page, it sends me back to the access denied page.
I have to put the .pac on my firefox browser in order to get out to the web.

Also, is there a limit on the usage on my muwireless account? Is there a download/upload limit?

thanks in advance


19th September 2004, 09:30 PM
Wow this is so my type of question!

I too use a powerbook on MUWireless and Firefox.

Yep I have to set the following in Firefox: (see attached image)

The bit you cant see is .edu.au in each of the proxy windows.

USAGE 50MB per week (undergraduate)

175MB per week (postgraduate and staff members)

19th September 2004, 09:55 PM
Hey good to see you fellow Melbourne Uni guys!

I find I can connect no worries in the ERC building but always struggle in the Bailleu Library.

Have you guys found any difference depending on where you are around campus?


15" Alu Powerbook + Mac OSX 10.3.5 + Airport Extreme + Safari 1.2.3 or Firefox 0.9.3/1pr

19th September 2004, 10:11 PM
Law Library has great connection. The foyer in the mezanine levels or level 2 is nice and quiet and there are 2bases attached to the roof there transmitting.

19th September 2004, 10:15 PM
Yep: it varies a lot on where you are. I was talking to a fellow mac user one day (12" pBook) and he mentioned that it is because they do not reset their routers frequently enough. I dunno if this is true.

But anyways, I get pretty good connectability outside the Rowden White Library (3rd floor SU building) but Bailleu is really iffy. Some wireless hotspots are much more reliable than others, and yes the ERC is one of those "100% reliable" places. Outside the Rowden wwhite works about 80% of the time, and Fritz Loewe theatre (Earth Science) works about 60% of the time I try to connect. Copeland lecture hall is yet to receive wireless access :( but hopefully soon.

Also, my favourite haunt around uni is at the tables outside Rowden White library, 3rd floor, Student Union building. Im the one with the pBook, so come and say hi, or ask any apple questions you want. In the past, me and a guy with a 12" iBook were playing Big Bang Chess via rendeszoux on a table, with another girl with a 15" pBook sitting on the other side. Its great fun making little "Apple communities" and geeking it up together. :lol:


19th September 2004, 11:24 PM
Well my classes are all at alan gilbert building and Ozi, I do not think you will still be around in school at 6pm?? LOL
I only attend nite classes and the goes to the library on saturdays.
Would be good to meet you and get some tips from you..
I am still in the midst of playing around on my pbook.

19th September 2004, 11:30 PM
My last classes finish at 5.15PM on tuesday and thursday, but im happy to hang around to meet up! :) And yeah, i have some cool programs and things I could share with you if you wanted. :D