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10th February 2006, 12:21 AM
Postal 2 for Mac OS X 1409.2 patch... (posted 2006-02-08 16:33:14 by icculus):

The 1409.2 patch for Mac OS X is now available. Notable fixes over the initial retail version:

* Postal 2 is now a "Universal" (PowerPC and Intel) binary.
* Stencil buffer support added (fixes mirrors not reflecting).
* Other rendering fixes and enhancements from UT2004.
* Fixed some memory corruption crashes.
* Updated OpenAL (again) with several (more) fixes.
* Disabled mmap() for file i/o (fixes out of memory issues).
* Fixed karma crashes, usually seen in Apocalypse Weekend.
* Updated OpenAL with several fixes.
* Launching a dedicated server from the game now works.
* Apocalypse Weekend support (expansion pack sold seperately!)