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6th February 2006, 10:12 PM
Hi all

I'll keep this brief. Here's the issue in a nutshell. Upgraded server to 10.4.3 and created a client image also at 10.4.

Running Office X - those who know enough about Fully managed network env. know the issues relating to Office 2004. Here's the prob - User creates a Word document, saves it, does more to the document, click save - error message pops up "word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error". The previously saved doc is then deleted and your existing file is renamed and unless you do a save as you will lose your work.

Now this is something new to 10.4 and something to do with Office X - this never happened under any form of 10.3. I have worked with one of the top Apple Engineers in the state on this and we have narrowed down the problem specifically to 10.4 server/client running OS X not letting you run dual folders for users (ie - we run a staff folder and a student folder). As soon as you place all users in the one folder it works fine....split them into two....error returns. I can get the error to occur on either folder.....create a clean server image, have a student log in first and then a staff user - staff user will error, clean the server, repeat but the other way round, students user will error.

The reason I know this error is specifically related to Office X - a site nearby is running an almost identical client/server image with the only major variable being they are running Office 2004.

I have tested it with different hardware - was able to borrow another G5 and test with that.

Again - for those knowing the issues with Office 2004 would realise why I don't want to use this in a managed env.

I'd be keen to hear if anyone else has experienced this problem (and found a solution) or any ideas for solutions people might have.


Asher Tuzza
6th February 2006, 10:47 PM
just a thought - what preferences are being shared between the two user groups...?

if you login as staff first student gets error - however if you login as staff first, then delete all office preferences and then login ast student, does student still get error...?

6th February 2006, 10:52 PM
my take would be on how the accounts are deriving their permissions.

if you are drawing down all information from the server (apps, prefs, documents) then i suspect it would work fine.
BUT, what i reckon is going on is a clash between profiles. as the staff users are trying to save to a directory with one set of permissions, which may be different than the permissions on the student folder, and thus causing a conflict.

what youd need to do is set up the server so that the application prefs are reset on log out. there is probably a check box or something lying around to do this. been a while since i played with 10.4 server. no doubt it would be in the folder management section somewhere...


haha, looks like i was beaten...