View Full Version : Macbook Pro & Warranty

12th February 2017, 01:57 AM
Hi guys,

I bought a 13 inch MBP maybe 4 - 5 months ago from JB Hifi.
Recently, it sounds like the left speaker on it blew and sounds horrible.
It is still under warranty, as I purchased the 3 yr extended warranty from JB Hifi, and I think I remember them saying the 1st year is covered by Apple, and they supply the next 2 years. So I'm assuming Apple is gonna be the one to repair it.

Anyone have experience in dealing with Apple Warranty? Any idea how long I will be without my computer? Am a graphic design student and need it for my studies. I have had many apple products over the year's, but this is my first time I'll be dealing with a warranty issue. I've had nightmares with other company's in the past.

Also, I had software on the MBP called "Boom 2".
I used it to boost the sound on media with low sound, even at full volume. I'm not the guy that would have it at full volume all the time, and would use the app to get even louder. I hung that up in my 20's when I stopped installing subwoofers in my car lol
Do you think having this software would void my warranty on getting the speaker repaired? I mean I never used it to get louder, but there were a couple instances where I would forget I had boosted the sound, and play something that didn't need any boosting.
In all honesty, I think that's what probably happened. But I'm not sure.
I'm just trying to decide if I should remove all trace of the app from the laptop before I bring it in lol.

Kev :)