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13th September 2004, 05:49 PM
I'm looking for advice on the best OS X Project software for my needs.

I'm looking for some project management software for the purpose of constructing simple GANTT charts (no larger than 100 tasks).

This is mainly to incorporate into proposals, where I frequently need to show the project plan. As the plan is incorporated into a Microsoft Word proposal, I would like to easily be able to cut and paste the GANTT chart, or export it from the project management software.

I do not need the software for actual project management, only to show the tasks, start date, end date, resources and a GANTT view (graphically). Currently I am constructing these using Excel (which is hell if you need to change the plan) or MS Project under Virtual PC.

Any advice would be appreciated.

13th September 2004, 08:32 PM
A similar thread appeared here before.


Unfortunately I have also been looking for the same application.

The best I found was GanttProject. A java based app that works fine. Except for one thing.

Found here: http://ganttproject.sourceforge.net/

When you link two tasks together, aka: predecesors. The application automatically moves the next task to the end date of the previous task. Which sucks, because sometimes in real life, there are things like weekends and breaks in between jobs of sorts.

I have contacted the authors about this, about a month ago. No reply. but a new version was released, but there was no such ammendment.

Hope this helps.

Read the first link.

Only other solution is to run Project on a Winblows machine. Or run VPC. I await a better solution.


13th September 2004, 10:25 PM
have you guys tried this...


it's pretty good for what it costs, and does import ms project stuff, though anything too big or complex is not good - but i rarely use it now since i don't have to track work projects anymore.

the developer is very devoted to this app as he's always improving on it and fixing bugs - it's one of the few apps i was willing to purchase.

hope that helps!