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Jackson Ho
12th September 2004, 10:26 PM
Hi Guys,

Just got a 40G and a Pink Mini for my trip overseas with my girl to Europe for 6 weeks. Anyway I was thinking that the Belkin Media reader might be the best option for storing digital photos and just curious on people's feedback on this.

It's a fairly safe thing? I am obviously worried about the photos being once in a lifetime things.
To transport images back its just connect the ipod to the Powerbook and download them?

I've found them for about $190, does anyone know cheaper places or better yet a renting place? I'd only use it for the 6 weeks in Europe.

Might just get one then ebay it off.

12th September 2004, 10:50 PM
If you eBay it from the states you will get one for under or close to $100AUD inlcuding shipping. There was a guy selling them (new) for $60 +$10US at one stage, but if yor getting a second hand one it will be well under $100 plus you can flog it off over eBay when you get back.

As far as i have heard they are safe, no data loss or corruption issues in general ( i havent heard of any). Only problems seem to be the transfer speeds and the battery drain factor.

But if your offloading a 256MB card then it should be fine and not take too long.

13th September 2004, 09:11 AM
Yup, i've got a mate that did the exact same thing, worked like a treat. My gf has a 1st gen ipod which won't take the media readers, so i had to lug my ibook around to copy our photos to it, major pain

13th September 2004, 09:39 AM
This might not be any help to you, cos you already have an iPod...

But another option (for others maybe) is to get an XDRIVE VP3310. Its a media reader HDD with MP3 playback. Its bigger than the ipod (about twice the size of a laptop HDD)

It uploads the photos much faster - a whole card in around <7mins (512MB CF) and it accepts all formats. You can getone with a 20GB HDD for &#036;300, 40GB for &#036;324. Sound and battery life wouldnt compare to ipod but its a good no frills alternative.

Ideal if you want music and photo storage.

I wish apple would make a PDA with a HDD in it. I&#39;m guessing it would have to be cheaper than an ipod + media reader at RRP. cos &#036;650+&#036;190 = &#036;840.. thats possible???
even if its just a 10GB HDD would be enough for some photo storage when overses and some mp3&#39;s, solitare, etc.

oops... gone off track..

anyways.. enjoy your trip&#33;