View Full Version : El CapitanBlocks Randomly Blocking Access to web pages and IP addresses

12th December 2015, 03:17 PM
Hi, I have been having an ongoing problem on my MacBook Pro since I upgraded to El Capitan when it first came out. I suddenly found I could not access certain web pages. They were things like forums.domainname.*** or ****mail.domainname.***, and Thunderbolt my email program stopped retrieving emails from the mail.domain.*** sites. I am coming to the conclusion that something is blocking certain IP addresses, but why? It also doesn't matter whether I use Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Same result

I have an IMac at work which is still on Yosemite (our techs won't up grade) which I can access all the pages being blocked on my MacBook, but cannot with my MacBook on the University network. I can also access then on my IPhone 6 with Safari. I just powered up a couple of older Macbooks and again can navigate to those pages. It is clearly not a network issue or anything else but something to do with something regarding El Capitan and settings.

I've torn my hair out going through everything.

Has anyone got any suggestions or had similar issues?

12th December 2015, 05:32 PM
Well hours with Apple Mac people who could not have been more helpful, we traced the problem to Tunnel Blick. That is a VPN program I have not used in ages, and certainly was not turning on when logging in. Removed it and all bits of pieces of it through my system and everything is fine now.