View Full Version : Connecting two LG monitors to my early 2011 17 inch MacBook Pro

29th October 2015, 11:09 AM
Hi Everyone,

I recently posted some queries around connecting two monitors to the new mac mini but have decided to stick with my current MacBook Pro to save some $$$.

As such, I'm thinking of buying two LG 27MP77HM-P monitors to connect to my 17 inch early 2011 MacBook Pro to be used in clamshell mode as I'm building a home recording studio.

What are the best connections/cables needed in order to make these work?

LG IPS 27" 27MP77HM-P 1920x1080 5ms Cinema Screen SPK D-SUB HDMI LED Backlight LCD Monitor - MSY VIC Online (http://www.msy.com.au/viconline/monitors/15132--lg-ips-27-27mp77-1920x1080-5ms-cinema-screen-spk-d-sub-hdmi-led-backlight-lcd-monitor.html)