View Full Version : 17" iMac G4 flatscreen "Flowerpetals"

10th July 2015, 07:58 AM
I have one of the old iMac G4 17" widescreen models with a dodgy optical drive. It has slowed down when doing just about anything and I would like to do a re-install of OS 10.2 as I. have the original DVD aand then upgrade to 10.4.11. Problem is the internal superdrive has stopped recognising CDs and DVDs so I cant boot from superdrive.

Can I boot using firewire target mode and reinstall 10.2 from. another firewire mac? Is it possible to upgrade this model to 10.5 so I can tun more recent browsers as I am having trouble with messages saying, " your browserdoes not support plugins etc" when trying to usebank and other websites. Any help or suggestions appreciated . I dont want to replace superdrive as it requires almost a complete teardown of iMac and apple's price fr repairs is prohibitive.


10th July 2015, 01:46 PM

yes target disk mode from a similar era PowerPC Mac would work to install OS X to your iMac. Alternately, pulling it apart actually isn't that bad and you could get a replacement SuperDrive (it's just a standard IDE Pioneer drive) for next to nothing.

Another option would be from an external HD (with the 10.4 installer imaged to the drive), or optical FW drive.


10th July 2015, 01:47 PM
Leopard OS X.5 to run natively required a minimum 870MHz CPU and the problem of the Firewire link may be getting the second iMac to boot from the DVD but give it a try. The September 2003 release came with either a 1GHz or 1.25GHz CPU.Long time ago 2003 ain't it?

For what it is worth I would not do banking or anything requiring strong security, on a G4 and/or Leopard.