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24th January 2015, 03:19 AM
I'm currently running Mavericks 10.9.5

I have my Display profile set to 'sRGB IEC61966-2.1' however I see a blue/cyan cast in the display (more noticeable with the greys which are now tinted instead of true grey). Is there a way to re-balance the display to remove this blue/cyan cast and return the display to a more neutral state as the default 'Color LCD' profile seems to give. Besides If the greys aren't true there's no way the display can show accurate colour.

I need the display to be in sRGB so 'DigitalColor Meter' (which is set to 'Display in sRGB)' will return the correct RGB values with my PNG files (ie pass through the raw RGB values contained in the image file without the values being altered by a different colour profile).

Of course there's the option in 'System Preferences > Displays > Color' to calibrate the display with the 'Apple Display Calibrator Assistant!' (or one could use a colorimeter), but this creates a 'custom' ColorSync profile whereas I need the display to stay in sRGB otherwise the RGB values reported in DigitalColor Meter will be screwed up. Besides sRGB is a standard display profile so if I need to use another Mac to work on my PNG files or display them on another Mac I can be sure if I set the display to sRGB, DigitalColor Meter will still report the same RGB values. I won't be able to do this with a custom display profile.

Is there a solution?

26th January 2015, 02:39 AM
I found a post on 'apple.slashdot.org' regarding OS X Mavericks and colour management:

"Apple has really fucked up big time on 10.9.

Basically, the sRGB spec is no longer sRGB, and colour managed applications that use ColorSync are completely hosed. Almost everything is more saturated then it should be. Towers of bug reports have been filed on this alone and absolutely nobody has received a response from Apple, which makes me think it's some retarded "stylistic choice" of theirs to literally try and make the OS "look better" (it doesn't).

So, basically, if you rely on OS X for colour accurate work, you're totally fucked.

Mavericks color problem - MacRumors Forums (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1649988&highlight=saturation)

You can actually see the difference in the Ars Technica article just from the screenshots (which likely means it's intentional, since you can screenshot the issue and clearly see it in the pixel colours). Look at the icons closely, and you'll notice that the majority of them seem darker and more saturated then normal. I'd link you to the ADF forum discussion about this exact same issue, but that's kinda pointless since you'll need an ADC account to view it.

We've got a whole bunch of ultra high end Eizo monitors in the office that do self calibration and colour correction inside the monitor itself. These units are all configured to accept a straight sRGB IEC-61966-2.1 colour space, and nothing else. Since the monitor ASIC handles the calibration & correction for the panel, there's no need to use ICC profiles if you don't want. We've found this to be an insane boon when you're targeting the sRGB colour space for mobile app development and graphics design (where sRGB is basically the safest space to target if you want it to look decent on any handheld).

Anyways, under 10.7 and 10.8- setting up OS X to use the sRGB IEC-61966-2.1 colour space resulted in a pretty perfect image on the monitor (which was configured for the sRGB colour space "mode" and self-calibrated). No problems there, or with any of the Cocoa APIs, or OpenGL stuff.

Under 10.9, everything is basically "fucking whacked" (according to our IT guy). About 60% of the Mac OS X UI doesn't adhere to the sRGB spec anymore in that if you have an ICNS file that was generated from sRGB source material, it is no longer displayed as straight sRGB in the Aqua UI- it's being tinkered around with by Apple's bug and/or design decision. A lot of stuff being displayed through NSImageView is totally hit and miss as far as the colours go, even with an sRGB monitor profile (this is even worse on Apple's own computers that use LCD panels which are somewhere in-between a wide gamut and sRGB... The colour variances I've seen on our office laptops running 10.8 and 10.9 side beside are unbelievable). Even OpenGL is hit and miss now- before everything seemed to be uncorrected (which was fine, applications could implement colour management themselves if they wanted), but in 10.9 it seems like some stuff is completely whack and other things almost look partially colour corrected depending on the monitor profile. We think this is due to the GPU drivers and brand, but nobody knows for sure.

In a nutshell, things are NOT as they should be.

1) Their Aqua UI should assume that input images are in the sRGB colour space, and display them as accurately as possible according to the monitor profile
2) NSImageView & friends should do the same thing for data sources that have no associated colour space
3) OpenGL should preferably be totally uncorrected, since anything else would be totally ambiguous and up to the manufacture

Our six 10.9 pilot systems were recently reverted to 10.8, which still has horribly broken colour management... BUT, at least on 10.8, if you tell it to output sRGB then that's precisely what it does (and this works well with our Eizo monitors). 10.9 seems to take this all one step further in that they fuck around with anything and everything at will, and it's just a complete nightmare to deal with as a user.

TLDR; it is very evident Apple has no clue what they're doing in regards to colour management. This is becoming more and more apparent with each release of OS X."

30th January 2015, 12:26 PM
So going by the post on 'apple.slashdot.org' is this the reason I'm seeing a blue/cyan cast in sRGB - because Apple are choosing to no longer adhere to the sRGB IEC61966 2.1 spec? Is anyone else seeing the same blue/cyan cast?