View Full Version : [give away/[pay it forward] Just wondering if anyone wants an G5 X Serve

1st December 2014, 02:17 AM
Before I chuck this thing out on the side of the street for pickup which seems a shame, I thought I might offer it up. I don't have much use for it and given you can't really run anything modern on it it's not really doing much other than collecting dust. It was running iTunes for me, but I no longer have a purpose for it and its not doing much other than collecting dust.

The issue that its having is a bad earth in the power supply, or something similar. I've gotten it to boot and run after jiggling the power cord a bit and you can probably fix it, but I have no interest in such a thing. The novelty of it has worn off on me.

Pretty much, free to a good home, or a token donation whatever, pickup only Sunshine Coast area, it's too heavy to freight, and I'm not interested in moving it beyond the kerbside if someone doesn't want to pick it up.