View Full Version : Wireless problem with upgrade to Yosemite

23rd October 2014, 05:59 PM
Hi, My son has just upgraded his Macbook to Yosemite and now his wireless connection to a D-Link 2740B ADSL wireless router drops out after about 5 mins. Only happens since upgrade to Yosemite. All other computers (PC's) work fine. All router settings are correct.
Any ideas anyone?

3rd January 2015, 09:16 AM
Yosemite’s network implementation seems to be more pernickety than previous versions of OS X. The following tips may help in your situation. I came up with them whilst fixing an Airport and Time Machine backup to a networked drive drop out.

1. Use correct Device (and Folder/File) naming according to OS X / UNIX best practices. i.e. DO NOT use spaces or special characters in names of your Devices (router/base station or computer), use an underline(_) or dash(-) instead. ref. OS X: Cross-platform filename best practices and conventions - Apple Support (http://support.apple.com/en-au/HT202808)

2. Airport (Extreme) setup using Airport Utility 6.3.4.

a. Base Station Name as per tip 1.

b. Internet, Internet Options, Configure IPv6 set to Link-local only if you are using IPv4 to connect to your RSP.

c. Wireless, Wireless Network Name as above. (This will also set the Ethernet Network name.) Wireless Security set to WPA2 Personal.

3. Network Preferences: Both Ethernet and WiFi.

a. Location: can be left on automatic, or if you use multiple locations, given a name for the setup for each location.

b. Advanced…. tab. - TCP/IP - Configure IPv4 will normally be set to Using DHCP unless you want to set manual addresses. Configure IPv6 set to Automatically

4. When setting up Sharing in Network Preferences use a Computer Name that complies with UNIX naming protocols. - See tip 1.

5. When prompted for a username and password when setting up network sharing connections, use the ‘short’ or account name, NOT the User name which may (and is allowed to) have a space in it.

6. If you have had to make changes to your network, then it is probably a good idea when you have finished to do a little optional cleanup work.

a. Remove old Network/Airport login entries from your Keychain. ( I found my old dial up entry!)

b. Rebuild the Network/Airport preference files to remove the old unused entries by deleting from: Macintosh HD > Library > Preferences > SystemConfiguration -




And restart. You will have to re-enter the settings again.