View Full Version : SSD for a late 08 Macbook.

20th October 2014, 08:04 PM
I've just installed Yosemite on my old MB & it is very sluggish. Mavericks was ok, but this ain't.
Planning on bumping up the ram to 8Gb & figured a 256 SSD would be good as well. Don't need that much storage, just the remote optical drive for the iMac.
Looking at a Samsung 840 Evo, but have read conflicting reports on their suitability regarding SATAII compatibility.
Is there anything else I should be looking at instead?
As for the ram, do I have to stick with 1066MHz or can I bump it up to 1333 or 1600MHz?
Cheers KJ

20th October 2014, 08:16 PM
I've had an OWC 3G 240GB in our early 2008 Macbook since April and I'm very happy with it. It was $140 US. Also bought a second one for a family member's 2010 Macbook White and it runs well in that as well.

21st October 2014, 09:59 PM
If you don't have 8GB, you don't have anywhere near enough, so definitely get that. Faster RAM will not improve anything and may not work, so get exactly the type that's currently in it.

I personally would not suffer any computer running a spinning hard drive these days, but people do. It will make a massive difference to any computer running any OS anytime. Really. They're that good. No idea of compatibility issues with the 840 EVO, but they certainly get the nod generally as the best consumer SSD at the moment. I'm just about to put a 1TB unit in one of my Mac Minis. I've got a few Intel 320s and some OWC drives for the Minis at work and they've all been good. I have one Mini running a 60GB OWC with some intermittent, possibly disk related issues, but I haven't tracked it down to the disk for sure. Had a few different Intels and they've all been great.

An SSD is by far the best way to extend the useful life of an older machine. Once you have got the RAM to 8GB or more.