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1st August 2014, 04:04 PM

I am a relative beginner, so this might be a simple question to answer for some.

I have created a database from an Excel spreadsheet and put a design together that I like.

If I want to add a new layout, how do I make the new layout look the same as the original?

I'm FileMaker Pro 12, if it helps.


1st August 2014, 08:07 PM
Hi BetaMan,

A few methods come to mind.

You could duplicate the layout using Layout Mode > Layouts > Duplicate Layout. In the new layout you would then need to change field links and labels as needed. If the new layout needs to be based on records from another table, use Layout Mode > Layouts > Layout Setup > 'Show records from' to select the desired table.

If the new layout already exists, you can copy-and-paste layout objects (including all layout objects in one go) from one layout to another.

The Format Painter tool is also useful. It appears as a paintbrush icon in the status toolbar bar when in layout mode. Select an object, click the format painter icon, then the next object you click will take on the same formatting as the first.

FileMaker also has themes, and many themed attributes can be applied to layout objects by using Layout Mode > Layouts > Change Theme. This is probably less useful for your needs because it sounds like you've customised your layout.

Hope this helps.