View Full Version : ADB Mouse two-button conversion

27th April 2014, 06:39 PM
G'day. I just thought I'd make a post incase there is someone else who has need for a 2-button ADB mouse.

I recently picked up a Griffin IMate so I could use my old Mac ADB keyboard and mouse. I quickly discovered that having only 1 mouse button on a modern operating system is a bit of a pain. There are keystroke combinations that work to make the mouse click work like a right-click, but I figured a better solution must exist.

I chose my oldest (worst condition) mouse incase things went pear shaped. Taking it apart revealed that it's got Logitech written on the PCB and the main IC. A bit of googling of the IC part number revealed a data sheet, and also a page showing that someone else had previously gone down this road. It turns out that the mouse it capable of having a second mouse button simply by adding an additional microswitch. The original switch position is fine for a single button, but a bit squeezy for adding a second. So I removed it, along with the 2 capacitors on each side (for space). I then soldered a pair of header pins in place of the old capacitors so I can utilise these to mount a small second PCB with the 2 new mouse buttons (the 2 removed capacitors get relocated onto this new board)..... The second microswitch is wired up between pins 10 and 15 of the IC.

The other job was to remove the plastic button from the top half of the mouse and carfeully make a cut down the centre to give it seperate parts.

Hopefully this might help someone.

PCB showing original mouse button switch and 2 adjacent capacitors removed.

Small sub-board with 2 microswitches and relocated capacitors.

Sub-board fitted.

Original and modified mouse.

All done! Just needs a clean now!