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21st January 2006, 01:48 PM
Hi there people,
I've got a mates ibook G3, and it gets to a certain point of starting up osx(10.3.4? i think, but definitely 10.3.x) then hits a point(usually "printer services" or something) then starts making clicking noises and goes no further. Doesnt 'freeze' as such, just doesent go any further.

Do you think its a bad sector or something?, and whatever it is do you think it might be repairable with tech tool pro?, or is he up for a new HD

When i ran a volume diagnostic with tech tool pro onit via Target disk mode it spat out this report:

Volume: Francis
Mount Point: /dev/disk1s2
Format: HFS+ (Mac OS Extended)
Journaling: Enabled
Created: 09/07/05 08:34:06 AM
Modified: 01/21/06 11:38:40 AM
Capacity: 18.63 GB
Used: 12.05 GB
Available: 6.58 GB
Files: 199,561
Folders: 51,088
Writable: Yes
Ejectable: No
Removable: No

There are a variety of invisible files, settings, and parameters that the Macintosh file system uses to locate files, free disk space, and for other maintenance and management routines. Damage to these critical data structures can result in lost or damaged files and may even necessitate a complete reformat of the volume.

Precheck Structures
This test checks the readability of the various volume structures.
Boot Blocks
This test validates the Boot Blocks portion of the volume. This block of data is created when the volume is blessed.
Boot Blocks <Passed>

Master Directory Block
This test validates the Master Directory Block portion of the volume. This block of data is created when the volume is created and contains important data about the rest of the volume.
Master Directory Block <Passed>

Volume Header
This test validates the Volume Header portion of the volume. This block of data is created when the volume is created and contains important data about the rest of the volume like number of files and folders, and the amount of free space available on the volume.
Volume Header <Passed>

Allocation File (Bitmap)
This test checks the Allocation file. This file indicates which blocks are allocated for use and which blocks are free.
Allocation File (Bitmap) <Failed. Error Encountered. (-2)>


If the volume structure routines of TechTool do not bring your drive and data back to a usable state, you may need to recover the files (at the Data Recovery panel) and save them to another drive.

Failed. Error Encountered. (-2)

i don&#39;t like the look of that.
any advice?

21st January 2006, 02:12 PM
Have you tried booting from a Panther/Tiger disc and running Disk Utility?

Perhaps reinstalling the system and seeing if it boots too after that.

If all fails then I&#39;d copy the data off and get a new drive in there, or format the existing one and running the tests again to see if it re-writes the allocation file.

21st January 2006, 02:33 PM
Thanks for that wowbagger,
Thats my next step, i&#39;ll post the update...

21st January 2006, 02:36 PM
If your drive is making clicking noises, the ONLY thing you should be doing the next time you run it is pulling the data off. If the HD is failing, each moment you are using the drive is more data damage and a moment closer to complete failure.

21st January 2006, 02:52 PM
Thanks currawong,
That has become painfully clear now, as it&#39;s clicking madly as it even starts up.


It won&#39;t even let me read it in target disk mode now.

I think it&#39;s all over rover. He&#39;s up for a new drive, and forget the data. (he&#39;s a newbie anyways, there&#39;s nothing of much consequence on the drive.)

thanks for the help.