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22nd March 2014, 11:29 AM
Figured I'll first describe my setup. I use my Macbook Retina between the office and at home. At the office it plugs into a Thunderbolt dock, and at home it plugs into a Dell monitor via Thunderbolt (miniDP to be technically correct). I use an Apple Magic mouse and Apple wireless keyboard (both BT) at both my office and home. So I essentially have the Macbook in a closed state 99% of the time. I don't shutdown when leaving, I sleep it and wake it when I arrive at home/office.

I've been having issues with the Bluetooth lately, failing to wake it up or automatically pair when I arrive at each location (very annoying, but whatever) - I believe I've sorted it just by forgetting the devices and deleting the bluetooth plist file.

Now it's kernel panicking. It has only kernel panicked at home however. So it may be environmental (possibly the Dell UltraSharp?). As soon as I plug in the magsafe, miniDP + USB cable for the screen, it won't wake no matter what I press. Then I unplugged the screen and plugged it back in and was greeted to the typical kernel panic screen on my Dell - it rebooted.

Console is pretty full on as I have a bunch of startup processes, but I found the previous shutdown cause log. However I can't find that code anywhere online.

22/03/2014 11:59:04.000 kernel[0]: Previous Shutdown Cause: -112

I can post the whole log if you'd like. I'd appreciate any help.
Worth noting it has had the SSD and screen replaced once.

Thank you.

22nd March 2014, 05:11 PM
Kernel panics are always a fun one to try and track down. First things first: if you believe it's only kernel panicking at home when you're using your Dell monitor, then try using it without for a few days and see if you still get panics.

If so, I guess you've found the culprit to your issue. That said, it could still be software-related a recent software update, perhaps, that has introduced an issue. Only way to know for sure if it's software is to try a fresh install of OS X, which is a pain to do.

If it still happens with a fresh software install, then it's time to make use of that AppleCare :)