View Full Version : Inserting tagged pictures?

13th March 2014, 07:41 PM
I'm very very new to Apple, so hopefully the answer isn't too obvious (but that there is an answer!).

I've sorted all my pictures (across multiple folders) by tags and was hoping to be able to filter by tag to insert pictures (e.g., if I had a tag of BOOK, I'd like to find all the BOOK pictures).

I seem to be able to see the tags everywhere else, except the Insert Picture windows (in Safari, Powerpoint, Word etc).

Is there a way to find all the BOOK tagged pictures in a particular folder in these programs?

Help! :)

13th March 2014, 08:49 PM
You'll only be able to use tags where ever you see the standard Finder file browser, i.e. the one with the sidebar that has tags at the bottom.

If you're using the media browser (which is kind of like an iPhoto browser, grouping photos by events and so on) then you won't be able to use tags.

Instead of trying to use "insert picture", maybe see if there's a "choose file" option instead.

Hope this helps.