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27th February 2014, 07:40 AM
Hi All,

I am running OSX Mavericks. I have set week to start on Monday in system preferences. When I go into calendar the week display starts on Monday but when I turn on week numbers in Calender preferences it displays the week number on Sunday, does anyone have a solution? I have tried the subscribed EU calender, it starts the week number on Monday but displays a bar across the whole week for the number.

Thanks, Kevin

27th February 2014, 11:05 AM
Weirdly enough Calendar in Mavericks has its own setting for which day of the week to start on, are you sure that's set to Monday?

With both Sys Prefs and Calendar set to start the week on Monday, I can get the week numbers only on the Monday, which is the start of the week.

Not sure what your subscribed EU calendar is? Tried turning that off?

27th February 2014, 11:59 AM

Yes, I have start of week set to Monday in both system and calendar. I have got EU subscribed calendar turned off. The week number comes up on the Sunday

27th February 2014, 02:06 PM
Time to see if it happens in a test user account. (Just enable the Guest account and see if it happens there.)

27th February 2014, 02:53 PM
If there is anything that annoys me, it is having a week starting on a Sunday :slant:. Be in it on computer, phone, paper calendar, etc. It is just so stupid. And bloody iOS 5 (?) that changed the Australian default from Monday to Sunday. That was annoying.

27th February 2014, 04:45 PM
Time to see if it happens in a test user account. (Just enable the Guest account and see if it happens there.)

OK, so I log in as guest, set system and cal prefs to Monday in guest and turn on week numbers. Shows week numbers on Monday. Log back in under normal login, go back into calendar. Weeks numbers on Monday!!! Also weekend is shown in grey(it wasn't before) WTF


27th February 2014, 05:04 PM
Lulz, welcome to Mavericks.

27th February 2014, 05:24 PM
I'm on 10.9.2 and just switched the sys prefs to Monday and opened iCal and it worked as expected. Changed back to Sunday and opened iCal and worked as expected. People usually look to start deleting things like the preferences file in case it is corrupt etc.