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28th December 2013, 11:35 AM
Worth reading before you purchase an SSD.



Intel 320 and S3500

As already hinted at, these drives simply could not be made to fail, no matter

what was thrown at them. The S3500 was power-cycled some 6,500 times for

several days: several terabytes of random data were written and read from that

drive. not a single byte of data was lost. Despite even the reads being

interrupted, there was not a single time - not even once - when the S3500

failed to verify the data that had been written.

The only strange behaviour observed was that the write-then-read cycle

speeds tended to fluctuate, sustaining around 25 to 30mbytes of write-then-read

speed continuously for several minutes then dropping after 10 or so minutes

to 20 or even 12 mbytes / sec for one (and only one) write-read cycle.

The only possible explanation for this could be some housekeeping going

on, in the firmware, which would take up CPU cycles.

Conclusion: don't buy anything other than Intel SSDs


Right now, there is only one reliable SSD manufacturer: Intel.

That really is the end of the discussion.

28th December 2013, 11:58 AM
From personal use:-

Kingston V200 failed within three months. G Skill Falcon failed on installation. OWC Mercury Extreme replaced when firmware update would not take. Have two OCZ Vertex 2 drives work silently and well.

28th December 2013, 09:04 PM
Test is kind of old.. you would think a testing company fishing for contracts would know that a date is actually useful.

The Samsung I think are getting pretty good praise for their units in reviews I have seen.. power outage is a very particular set of conditions.. not faced in Laptops at all.. since they have battery supplies.. and something I hardly have issues with even with normal computer..