View Full Version : Not sure I like the way Mavericks handles iBooks

5th November 2013, 08:11 PM
You can no longer drag them from anywhere into your iTunes or straight to an iPad or iPhone. You have to go through iTunes Books section. Plus you don't seem to be able to rename them once they are in iBooks. Was always really handy for naming magazine subscriptions the way you like them. They should have left it in iTunes. Some will no doubt disagree.

6th November 2013, 03:29 AM
I too found the inability to drag and drop books to devices annoying but did find a way to work around it which I posted in another forum:

With the inclusion of iBooks in OS X Mavericks iTunes ability to manage your books has gone.

This is not a problem if you only ever get your books from the Apple Bookstore as all of your books will still be available in iBooks on all of your devices. However if you have sourced books from other sources (for example I have a number of technical books in PDF format that were included as downloads with the purchase of the physical book) there is no way to transfer these to your iPad (or other device) from within iBooks.

Fortunately there is a relatively simple work-around.

Firstly make sure that the device you want to sync to has the "Manually manage music and videos" option checked in summary tab in iTunes as well as this in the "Books" section for the device make sure that the "Sync Books" option is not checked. This will allow you to manually copy books to the device.

Now make sure that you can see your iPad (or iPhone/iPod) in iTunes as an available device. Now from the Finder locate the folder which contains the books that you want to copy to the device and drag and drop the file from that location onto the device in iTunes. The device should hi-light when you drag the file over it. Once the device highlights and + icon appears below the title(s) you are copying release the mouse button and the books will then be copied to the device.

You can then find the material you just copied listed in iBooks for your reading pleasure.