View Full Version : Mac OSX and MIDI SysEx messaging???

5th November 2013, 12:12 PM
Hi All, any Midi experts around here?

Since getting my Mac Mini back in march I've been playing around with my Classic Roland MT-32 MIDI Synth Module (http://www.vintagesynth.com/roland/mt32.php) and it just doesnt work right in OSX but works perfectly in Win7 running in Parallels - my main issue is SysEx messages simply arent received by the MT-32 ever no matter what method I try. I've tried SysEx Librarian, .MID files with SysEx commands built-in and neither works.

AFAIK i've configured OSX Midi correctly via AMS and my USB to MIDI device works fine and shows up and I can link it to an MT-32 device i created and configured (eg SysEx ID set to 17) no dramas. For file playback I've tried MIDITrail and Sweet MIDI both of which will play most .MID files ok but without being able to send the correct .SYX files to my MT-32 many just sound rubbish or dont play most of the notes!

I can send the .SYX files to my MT-32 in Win7 using several different ways with no issues at all and play MIDI files from MediaPlayer with the correct patches loaded etc. Oh the other thing that shows SysEx messages arent getting thru (other than the MIDI Message light not activating) is when playing MIDI files and stopping part way thru, the reverb notes etc continue on until I power off my MT-32 - this isnt an issue in Win7.

Any Ideas folks?