View Full Version : Retina Macbook Pro Power cable under warranty ?

12th July 2013, 09:09 PM
Hey Guys, In february i bought Refurbished Retina Macbook pro from Apple store. Now few months in and power cable is starting to break off from the ends. Just like famous issue with iphone cables. I have attached the picture. I think it should be under warranty and replaced. Its working for now but eventually its gonna get worse.

I would like to hear if somebody else had similar experience and what happened in your case.


13th July 2013, 10:57 AM
honestly, after taking in 3 magsafes and 2 iphone cables, the "genius" will just say that you tugged on it and therefore not covered under warranty. one even outright just told me to go buy a new one, and walked off without further assistance.

13th July 2013, 01:42 PM
I went through the phone support after being told that it was my fault by Leading Edge, it was a cable fault but he agreed to have it replaced, went back to leading edge, quoted some number and had a new one in a day or so.

15th August 2013, 07:54 AM
It is definitely covered by your computer's warranty because it's part of the computer you bought and a vital part at that. All accessories that come with a computer are covered, such as a mouse or keyboard for a desktop Mac.

The only issue is that it's still working so Apple may (probably rightly) say that it doesn't need replacement yet.

Yes it's a well known design fault and yes it will get worse but to be honest it doesn't look that bad in the pic and probably doesn't need replacement yet.

If you haven't already done so make sure you get AppleCare because when it does break or the wires become very exposed then it makes replacement simple. They've recently reduced the price, though I've heard rumours of a significantly overhauled AppleCare coming out soon as well...

15th August 2013, 02:08 PM
These kinds of faults are far from simple.

Warranty is there to cover manufacturing faults. So, if Apple's manufacturing has resulted in this part of the power cable being particularly weak and subject to failure then it's covered by warranty. But if it failed because of the way you've been (mis)using it then that's not warranty.

In some cases, the fault is clearly a warranty issue (e.g. known faulty line of graphics cards or base delaminations). In some cases, it's clearly nothing to do with warranty (e.g. a broken LCD panel or other physical damage).

Then there's a whole range of issues that fall into a grey area.

Even then, a good number of these will earn you "benefit of the doubt" status. e.g. a hard drive can fail for all sorts of reasons but only some of these are warrantable. But it's common for hard drives to be replaced under warranty more or less no matter what.

I've seen plenty of damaged power cords in my years working as a computer tech. I've also seen plenty of people with units more than 5 years old where the power cord looks near-new. On that basis, I tend towards the idea that cord failures are at least somewhat related to how they're treated. It doesn't mean that any particular fault won't be covered by warranty, but it doesn't automatically mean it will be either.