2nd September 2004, 12:13 PM
This is what I did and why:
1. Synced T610 and PB via BT
2. Even after Sync, Addresses and Numbers still look different on both sides. T610 didn't make any changes that I made in Address Book on PB.
3. Don't know why but I thought I could sync them by reverting to backed up databse on PB from May and then re-syncing.
4. T610 accepted bl**@y changes this time didn't it! It changed everything back to what it was in May. Now I've lost everything I've entered in last 4 months.

I know it gives you the warning that it's permanent, but I'm always tripping over ways to undo stuff in OSX and never taking any notice of them. Now I don't know where to find these directions in my time of need. So I've resorted to the collective that is Appletalk. Can anyone please help me?!! I'm desperate. I need all of my addresses back form the last 4 months, and I need to know why it is that the phone doesn't 'normally' accept changes I make in the Address Book so I don't make this stupid mistake again.