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30th April 2013, 01:39 PM
I have just acquired a 'new' 2011 21.5" iMac. I currently have a 2009 24" iMac.
I wish to do a fresh format and install so I don't want to do a 'migration'.

If I copy my photo collection in the same folder structure - can I copy my Aperture 3 database file - and then would Aperture be able to find my photos?

I will also be moving to a new ISP. How do I re-setup my Apple ID to work with the new ISP and on the new iMac?
Thank you.

30th April 2013, 05:01 PM
If you copy your Aperture data to a new computer it will open on your new computer. I haven't really researched where Aperture stores all it's information so be aware that you MIGHT lose some meta data by doing this (I don't think you will, but just be aware to check before you kill off the data on your old computer).

Same applies to thinks like iTunes.

Depending on how much data you need to move to a new computer, you may find it's more effective to use the Migration Assistant but be selective about what you transfer.

I assume your question about your Apple ID relates to the email address you've used. Apple has a kb article about it here (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5621).

It's worth considering using an email address that's fairly stable and independent of any particular ISP you might be using. Personally, I have my own personal domain name and use email addresses on that domain for all these kinds of things. That results in my not having as much hassle if I need/want to change ISP.