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4th April 2013, 04:30 PM
Hi all,

Having used Thunderbird for my mail, and now not so happy with it, I attempted to establish an account in Mail. The process went as expected - username, email address, password. Clicking Next allowed Mail to find the ISP and verify the information.

The next thing was a box, which I assume was a Certificate verifier, which showed an ISP with some components identical to my ISP. A note at the bottom of the boxed said that connection wasn't possible, due to small variances in what the unkown ISP expected, and the information I entered on the original screen.

There it all stopped - I couldn't go forward, there was no way I could access the certificate information, and I could only Cancel the setup.

Has anyone a clue to what this is all about; what I can do to get my details accepted; how I can avoid this scenario? Seems to me there's a certificate setup, and I should be able to get my ISP's details accepted, just like the one showing has.

Any suggestions welcomed. I'm not in a rush, back using Thunderbird; amazed that an outside party can accept my details in Apple, work with it and allow me to see and send my mail. I don't get it.


4th April 2013, 06:39 PM
It's a little difficult to know what to suggest without more information.

Does your ISP have any details on their website about how to set up Mail? Most of the decent ones do, and often include screen grabs or short videos to show how it's done.

That aside, I'll guess that you maybe didn't get the details exactly right and Mail is making incorrect assumptions about how your email needs to be configured (e.g. using POP3 instead of IMAP or some such).


8th April 2013, 05:39 PM
thanks for that. I'm going to look at my ISP's page to see if they have anything on Mac. I've set up my email client on heaps of computers, so I'm aware of what settings to use with my POP3 account. What bugs me is somehow having a window pop up that shows that my ISP's details don't match the ISP on Apple's Certification setup. There are similarities, such as the word "senior" as part of the ISP's address, but I can't believe I'd be prevented from setting up email on Mail when I have a valid address from a local ISP, one that I've used many times to set up an account. Not that this is a big deal - I'm happy to use Thunderbird instead, which has *always* been installed on my Macs, using the same data I'm trying to use in Mail. Frankly its not worth the angst - I'll mark it down to another Apple quirk that I can't be bother to dig into it for a measly eamil program. End of my posting on this issue. PS - I was in Canberra last week, went to the Apple Shop, spoke to a Genius and was told "there has to be a way around this", but no solution. Doh.

9th April 2013, 06:40 AM
I've had situations in which Apple couldnt find a server. It never prevented me from doing a manual setup though, I'd just get a warning that I might not be able to access mail if I continued. Was that not an option? Also worth consideration is not using your ISP's mail, and getting a free alternative, or using icloud mail instead.

9th April 2013, 06:48 AM
In email clients there's a distinct trend towards favouring modern, and secured, email protocols over older and far less secure protocols.

POP3 in it's traditional form, for example, is entirely clear text with no encryption or security. That means there's huge opportunities to obtain your username and password along with reading all your email.

Most modern clients will try and use encryption or security of some sort.

Some ISP's support this, some don't.

Unfortunately, some appear to support it right up to the point where you actually try and collect email - i.e. when your email client probes for capabilities (encryption etc) your ISP might report supporting something that then fails to work in practice. This has resulted in various email packages creating their own database of capabilities and using that in preference to what the ISP reports. But it's not always accurate.

If it's not working, you may need to look at a more manual set up process.

Anyway, if you're happy with an alternate solution then that'll do it too.