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5th March 2013, 05:55 PM
I'm trying to make a new MacBook Pro work with an e3131 USB dongle because a pocket wifi won't maintain connectivity with the new OSX 10.8 or older 10.5.8 laptop. The e3131 dongle works beautifully with the older 10.5.8 LT, maintaining connectivity until I disconnect it. It won't work at all with the new OSX 10.8 which doesn't acknowledge it. (This has been discussed extensively, it's not just me).

I found this workaround on the Apple forum:

'Mobile Partner' app comes built-in with the Huawei E3131 modem. It is a recommend app by Huawei and it has functionalities like connect/disconnect connection, balance check, make calls, text messages, settings, etc.

You do need to configure anything in network settings.

- Connect modem with MacBook Pro using USB 2.0 hub
- Modem's status light will start blinking in a pattern (Light color can be green (2G) or blue(3G))
- Wait for modem auto detection
- If 'Mobile Partner' app is not installed yet then it will show an installer. The installation process will install the required drivers and configure the Mobile Partner' app as per your inserted SIM in modem.
- If 'Mobile Partner' app is already installed then it will open the app and show the telecom company name as per your inserted SIM in modem.
- Now you are ready to go.

I tried the above workaround and it won't work for me. I'm assuming the powered hub (Laser N 1968) is connected to the laptop with a USB cable (Hi Speed Certified). The USB cable has a Standard A plug at each end. I plugged one end into the hub, the other into the laptop's USB port. The USB modem was plugged into the hub using its USB cable. Neither laptop recognized the modem using this method.

I can't find any information on-line about the Laser N1968 Hub. I bought it about 2-3 years ago to connect a keyboard and mouse and printers to a G4. It works with those components.

1. Can anyone confirm if the Laser N 1968 is a USB 2 hub, please?
2. Would the double-ended USB cable be the right way to connect the hub to the Laptop?
3. If it is the right type of cable but it's faulty, how can I test it? I have had it for some time but can't remember how it was originally
used but would have tossed it if it had malfunctioned.

I'd sincerely appreciate help with this.

I don't want to make the great expedition to a computer outlet to buy a different USB cable if I have the right type already and it's not broken.

5th March 2013, 06:37 PM
Does the hub still work? It may be an issue that because its a self powered hub, it can't provide enough power to the modem.

6th March 2013, 12:13 AM
rav3n, thanks, I just tested the hub with the G4 with the modem connected to the hub. The Virgin connection window appeared on the monitor. I've not used the e3131 modem with the G4 before but at least it recognized it but wouldn't go on-line. Virgin is not answering its phones so will call them tomorrow for assistance setting up on the G4.

That at least tells us that the hub is working and that the e3131 modem can communicate via the hub. (The mouse and keyboard also work using the hub with the G4). I think I'm missing something in that I only had the hub connected to a power bar when I tried to connect it to the laptop but I notice there's a cable from the back of the G4 to the hub as well as the connection to the power bar. I can't get the G4 out far enough to see what type of end goes into it. (Have to move a desk or poke a mirror down there in daylight.)

Seems I need a different cable, not the USB cable with the Standard A plug at each end which I tried to use, from the laptop to the hub as well as power to the hub. I'll look into that in daylight. Thanks for the input.

7th March 2013, 03:21 PM
Update. Following up on a link to Huawei it appears that the workaround applies to OSX 10.6 not 10.8. Does anyone have a solution for 10.8 please?

The e3131 software is now installed on the G4 but it won't go on-line. The Virgin login page comes up but the message I get when I try to log in is that I'm not connected to the internet. (Thanks. I know that!) All the settings are correct, according to Virgin. I still have the old modem that worked with the G4 but it would be a pain to keep swapping the SIM card between modems. Eventually it would get damaged. Have asked Huwaeii for a solution. Will post it here if I get one.

Meanwhile, one out of three computers can get on-line with the e3131 modem. If anyone has a good idea, other than giving up the G4, it doesn't have an AirPort card, or trying to make a wifi work, I'd love to hear it. Thanks, Jen

7th March 2013, 06:37 PM
If you could get hold of a router that supported your USB modem, plug your router into that modem and let the router do the DHCP, the Gateway and the DNS functions (rather than using the USB modem and a network hub) it should allow you just to run ethernet cables to those computers that don't have wifi.

You should check the router's USB compatability list before buying one though.

*edit* I'm assuming you know the difference between a router, a switch and a hub and you used the term hub correctly in your original post when I say the above.

8th March 2013, 02:38 PM
Thanks Geoff. That sounds like a doable solution. I'll take the MacBook Pro to a sales and repair place as they'll probably have equipment lying around to test it with. Meanwhile I'll unpack an old router (D-Link, I think) the previous internet service provider sold me to connect with the rooftop antenna and get on-line with their wireless b'band and see if that works. It is pretty old. I do have ethernet cables.

I also have a Time Capsule. Can that do anything?

The item I'm calling a hub is an unstable little thingy that won't stand up. It has 6 USB A ports, and one USB B port. It connects to the 220v supply via a cable with a single 'prong' at the hub end.

I'm vague about the difference between a switch and a router. Wikipedia just confused me even more. All I understood from Wiki is that a switch is smarter than a hub in that it directs data to specific locations, not just to anything connected to it as a hub would??

An email from Huawei says:"We have checked into the compatibility of the dongle and currently we do not have any solution on the dongle working in MAC.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused."

If I connect things inappropriately can I break anything?? Thanks very much for the help, Geoff. I'll report back. Jen