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16th February 2013, 09:43 PM
My MBP used to work wonderfully. I had not used it for about 6 months as I had been using my ipad instead. When I finally went to use it in the last few months it would take up to 10 minutes to boot up and then IF I am lucky enough to get to my homescreen and I click on any icon i.e. finder / settings / internet anything it simply beach balls and this can go on and on and on until it shuts itself off. You can hear the motor running very loudly like it is working hard and it gets quite hot.

I brought it to Genius Bar where strangely it worked fine, nonetheless they did a diagnostic on it and found no hardware/software problems. I went home thinking it must have been a glitch however when I turn it on it does it again. I have brought my MBP back to genius bar about 3 more times since and most recently last Thursday when they did another full wipe reload telling me they 'zeroed everything back' which I assume meant its completely clean.

I tried to use it today for the first time since its full wipe, I got the lovely welcome screen and went through the prompts of setting up my account again once I got to the page 'Create your account' and hit continue after my password it started beach balling and has been doing so for almost 1 hour now!!!! It's no longer noisy but its still getting very hot.

I appreciate all the help genius bar has done in trying to find a fault and I understand that if they cannot replicate the problem in store they cannot really work out what the problem is however I do not believe that there is nothing wrong with my MBP if it is doing what I have described. I even videoed my MBP carrying on the way I have described and brought that in to show them but that has not helped them either to understand why.

I have read some people speak of Nvidia issues but if that was the issue the genius bar would have told me that right? I am happy to replace parts if they are faulty.

Has anyone else had these problems with their MBP and what did you do to resolve it? I really dont want to throw it out because it is one of the last monitors out there with a 'true' colour screen that's good for Photo Shop.

I have searched the threads on Apple forums and cannot find a similar issue. Sorry I cant post the full specs of my computer as I no longer have the box and I can't get my MBP working long enough to open up my specs on the screen :slant:

Thank you

16th February 2013, 11:29 PM
It's unlikely to be the video card/NVidia issue because that affected the 8600, not the 9600 in the late 08 MBP.

There are five main causes:
1. a stick of RAM has gone bad
2. there is not enough RAM (the late 08 MBP takes up to 8GB, but RAM usage should not be an issue when freshly booted)
3. the hard drive is dying (what does the SMART status say?)
4. the install of OSX is corrupted.
5. a start up program isn't playing nice

I'd suggest it may be point 1 or 3. Have you tried another SSD or HDD in the machine?

Re point 4, what version of OSX are you running, and did the Genius Bar install from scratch?

Anyway, if you can log in, check Activity Monitor, ordering by CPU usage and see if any programs are getting stuck...

17th February 2013, 10:24 PM
Thank you, that is really helpful. I would hope its not (4) given the genius bar has wiped and reinstalled my OSX about 2-3 times now. They thought it was 5 and ran diagnostics on it as there were a couple of things starting up wrong but they fixed that and it still did not fix the overall issue. Genius bar did an install from scratch, first was a compartmentalised one?? then a full zeroed one. I have suspicions it could be (3) too but when Genius bar ran their diagnostics they said they could see no problem with (1) or (2).

I have bought a new hard drive and perhaps will try that and also the ram and see how we go. If it still wont work then there must be bigger problems at hand and perhaps I may just have to take it to a repair shop (not apple genius bar) to see what they can work out.

Thanks again, you have been most helpful!