View Full Version : Half my contacts have disappared - on both phones - iCloud?

20th January 2013, 10:19 AM

This morning I go to ring and make a dr's appt, to find that maybe half the contacts from my iPhone 3GS' address book are gone... Check on my wife's "new" iPhone 3GS, and despite having just imported a few dozen additional contacts to her phone from her old Motorola via SIM import, her contacts list is now identical to my iPhone... ie missing heaps of contacts inc the ones that we just imported.

Would this be iCloud? How can I get the contacts back? Both the MacBookPro and PowerMac have backups in iTunes...



20th January 2013, 10:25 AM
You must be using the same iCloud account and therein lies many problems. you *need* to have one each, otherwise anything one does to the contact list will be done to the other. I imagine you don't have identical contact lists. You can still keep using the same itunes account for purchases. So... b) make sure you dont use the same icloud account and b) after that, NOT before, you need to start manually adding the contacts you need (and so does she). Keep your "stuff" separate. Its a nightmare, otherwise. One of you can probably use the backups on the computer but not both.

20th January 2013, 10:27 AM
iCloud is renowned for totally cocking up contacts....I add this the the myth box "of it Just Works" apple mantra, iCloud is responsible for more dramas on my iDevices and I refuse to use it now and have gone back to the old fashioned sync with iTunes.

20th January 2013, 10:30 AM
That doesnt help, Marc, when the contacts have already gone, and its a two phone family. I use icloud quite happily, myself, but theres nobody else here using iphones, and icloud hasnt cocked anything up except when i thought I could have contacts in both locations. It doesnt work (unless you dont mind dupes), gotta be one or the other..

Hobo... go back and read the responses in your other thread, as well.