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14th January 2013, 08:41 PM
Hello All,
I have had a few problems with my Macbook Pro 13 INCH 2012 model.....
Basically its battery has always been dodgy- It was at 91 percent Battery original capacity and 120 charge cycles later it is at 86 percent. I have had the Machine since September of last year and It has always had fairly bad battery life. My 2008 Macbook White was up to 370 charge cycles when I bought my new machine and it had 93 percent battery life and its charges lasted a lot longer than on my new one. The Genius bar worker did a scan and even though the apples diagnostic said it had 86 percent of the original charge capacity it was perfectly healthy........ He then went on to tell me to do a battery recalibration :/
Despite the fact that last time I was there they said not too and the website says not too.

2nd isse that it runs slow and Kernel panics (I have done a clean reinstall) Apparently it is because I need to do another clean install. I really don't think a brand new machine should be Kernel panicking at all and since it has been over two clean installs I don't think it is software based.

Lastly I have put a small chip and crack in the screen by shutting it on a zipper that I didn't notice. Was going to either Pay $30 and do it myself from ebay or get a computer repairs place to do it for $50 but I knew that would probably void your warranty. So I told them what happened assumed it would be double the price of what the other place did it. But no it was $400 !!!! :( Because apparently it is impossible to just replace the screens glass. I explained that I know a friend who did it themselves and other places did it as well. The story changed from its impossible to non Apple glass will ruin the computer........? ?

If I can replace the screen glass why can't Apple? I just don't get it- I go there and am polite every time.... Everyone tells me that Apple has the best customer service and especially the genius bar- Why don't I?