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8th January 2013, 03:09 PM
Hi all

new to this so i was hoping to get an idea from the experts...Looking to buy a second hand iPhone s4 64G, just wondering is it worth it or not and what are they going for out there.


8th January 2013, 03:53 PM
Do you mean 4S? This should give you an idea of what price to look at

I had a bit of spare time and went through the last 50 sold items on each type of iPhone on eBay and worked out an average price for them. If you subtract eBay's fees (free to list, but post-auction, they want 7.9% capped at $100) this is what a used iPhone in working condition, no broken screens, with box, charger, etc. is worth:

16GB iPhone 4 - $326.58
32GB iPhone 4 - $351.60
16GB iPhone 4S - $450.17
32GB iPhone 4S - $480.61
64GB iPhone 4S - $518.15

So if you're planning on selling your iPhone and you aren't sure what a fair price is - there you go.