View Full Version : iBook issue from Hell!

5th January 2006, 12:07 AM

OK i have this issue that has just come up.
Every Application i open on my ibook quits and it comes up with this dialog with retry in it!
I'm running OS X 10.4 all this started when i tried to instal and update to 10.4.3 when it said their was an error please try again, Now everything i have opened quits (safari, Software Update etc.)
i have no idea what to do i did repair permissions that was all fixed then i booted from the CD and tried to do a disk repair when it said, "incorrect leaf count" what the hell does that mean and how can i fix it!
Bottom line is i need to fix this issue before we go on our holiday on monday and i will be taking my ibook so i need it too work!
Please if you want any suggestions please make a post.
Thank-You so very much!

PS: did some test and only safari & software update seem to quit!

5th January 2006, 05:04 AM
Perhaps in the interests of a speedy recovery you should consider and archive and re-install.

5th January 2006, 05:20 AM
Doing an archive and install wont fix the leaf count problem. But the thing is I can't remember what will... Im sure someone else where will know what to do but worst case backup and format and reinstall... Some disk utility should be able to fix it. But hey don't quote me :) I have been out of the loop for too long and have forgotten too much :)

5th January 2006, 06:56 AM
I had this problem ages ago and I tried to find an explanation for what leaf records were and how to fix it, but got nowhere. Eventually I backed up all my data and zeroed all data on the drive before reinstalling Mac OS X from scratch. Zeroing all the data took forever, but the problem hasn't reoccurred.

I was told from an Apple tech that if doing the above procedure doesn't fix it, you replace the hard drive...simple as that.

The latest versions (make sure they're the very latest for Tiger) of Disk Warrior or Tech Tool may be able to fix it, but for the same price for one of those you might be able to get a new hard drive anyway...

5th January 2006, 08:42 AM
Time for the hardware test CD my friend... I don't recall a leaf record issue, but when my hdd packed it in I got a lot of Apps quitting on startup.

The Hdd might have done some bad reads + writes which resulted in your disk errors.

5th January 2006, 09:06 AM
Frequent quitting is often a result of dodgy RAM - try removing or replacing the RAM from your iBook's memory expansion slot.


5th January 2006, 11:38 AM
Thank-you for all the replies!
I've found out that if i log out then log back in then open safari it works also if i start up the mac then everything works, well everything works until is want to use software update when that quits thats the end of safari so since i don't own a copy of Tiger anymore i could do the following.
* Clean install to 10.3 then upgrade to 10.3.9 & reinstall all my apps (however i cant find my CD 1 of the 10.3 install) i could just do target disk mode and install my emac's version yes i know it's illegal but who gives a BEEEP
* Or i could install my official version of Tiger BETA Pre-Release
* Or i could install Jaguar which i dont really want to
* or i could try to find some program that can fix this issue.
I had this same issue on my eMac but i managed to fix that just by booting from the original install Dvd.
I remember using this program later on that would fix your macs HDD and do a defragment i just can remember what the name of it was!

Specs of my iBook.
Dual Usb 500Mhz
320Mb Ram
Cd Drive

Thank-You for all your help can could someone tell me what the hell i should do!?